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Yamunotri- The origin of river Yamuna

Approach Route
River  Yamuna  is  revered  next  to  Ganges  by all Indians. The actual source of the Yamuna is at the base  of   4421  meter  high  Kalind  Peak giving it another  name  Kalindi.  As  it  is not  possible  to easily   negotiate the source, pujas are offered at  about  1.5 Km  back  at  Yamuntri at  an altitude of 3323 meter on  the foot  hill of  the peak.

Legend is there  that a  Sage used to take  bath in both rivers Yamuna and Ganga daily. In his last days, keeping in  view  his  incapability  to  cross   the  mountains and  glaciers daily, the benevolent mother Ganges appeared  at   Yamunotri   itself  which   still  flows down a rocky hill and worshiped as Ganges. The small Yamunotri temple was built by Maharaja Pratap Shah of Tehri.    Like  Ganges  at  Gangotri,   here  too  the  Yamuna    is     worshiped   as   a   river  as   well  as  a  Goddess. Yamuna is daughter of Sun and sister of Sani and Yama (God of death). It is said after offering worship at Yamunotri people become free from the fear of Sani and death. Worshiping and touching the Divine Stone is also a part of rituals.




Important information

Height 3185 Mts
Rishikesh 203 Km
Opening Date On Akhshaya Tritiya in May
Closing Date On Deepawali with brief rituals and Arati
Ph Temple Committee +91-9412076322
Surya Kund

Boiling   hot   water  spring   also   called Gorakh   Dibiya   offers   refreshing  bath before  Puja.   Yamuna  is  sister of Yama (the Lord of Death)   Yama   meditated  at this   spot    hence   it   is    beleived   that whosoever   take   a dip   at  this  spot is relieved  from  the  bondage   of death.

Divya Shila 

A divine stone slab worshiped before Yamuna.

Jamunabai Kund

Another hot water spring.