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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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Uttarkashi District

Uttarkashi also known as Barnawat in old scriptures shares its border with China in the north. Consisting of beautiful valleys of Bhagirathi and Yamuna and their origin spots, it presents nature in all its manifestations and dimensions. On higher altitude dense forest of Deodar are found. It was the timber of Deodar that attracted the adventurer Frederic 'Pahari' Wilson to the valley in 1850 who leased the forest for five years from Raja of Tehri and made a fortune out of it. He married a local girl named Gulabi of Mukhba village. He had multiple  fascinating interests.  He built rest houses at Dharasu, Bhatwari and Hersil and also introduced Appeals in the area. He acquired vast knowledge of flora and fauna  of the region. Bridge building was his other interest. He built a 350 ft rippling suspension bridge over Jatganga at Bhairoghati over 1200 ft above the river on the way to Gangotri. People were terrified to cross the bridge and to assure them Wilson would often ride his horse and gallop to and fro the bridge. Now a new motor able bridge has been constructed and only remains of old bridge are there but people believe that on full moon nights gallops of Wilson's horse are still  heard. He left a trail of legend behind him that people still remember his adventurous tales. His bungalow at Harsil has since been completely destroyed in fire few years back.   


Situated between Ashi and Varuna rivers on the banks of Bhagirathi, Uttarkashi is an ancient town considered as scared as Kashi and also called Somya Kashi for its calm and quiet environment. Vishwanath, Shakti, Parusram, Kali and Rudra temple are important temples. A fair is held in January in which idols of local Gods and Goddess are brought in color full processions to have a dip in holy Ganges.

 Dharasu is the place from where Yamunotri route bifurcates.    It is said that at a place called Dunda, yogis of Kapil and Jamdagni fame had their Ashrams. 

   Maneri Valley, a 9 KM long tunneled Hydro  Project  generates  93  MW power.

Nehru Institute of Mountaineering is a pioneering    Institute    for    providing training   in    the   field.    Bachindri Pal (a local gal), the first Indian woman atop Everest is product of this Institute. 

In route Gangotri,  Maneri, Bhatwari, Gangnani, Sukhi, Harsil, Lanka are other important places.

Dodi Tal : Situated at an elevation of 3024 mts., north of Uttarkashi and surrounded by dense woods of oak, pine, Deodar and rhododendrons. T full of Rare fishes and the Himalayan Golden Trouts.