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Accommodation - Haridwar and Rishikesh

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 The information has been compiled through various sources and utmost care has been taken for the accuracy but viewers are advised to recheck the same from the Service provider. We also do not take any responsibility about the rates and quality of services provided. However, in case of any problems please contact us  to take up the matter with concerned quarter.

Classification based on rates Rupees per day
Category Dormitory Single Double Suits
Moderate 25 to 50 50 to 200 200 to 500 500 to 1500
Medium 50 to 150 200 to 500 500 to 1500 1500 to 3000


150+ 500+ 1500+ 3000+

Off season discount is offered by some Hotels during July-September

GMVN=Garhwal Mandal Vikash Nigam (An Uttaranchal Govt undertaking). For Booking Contact:Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Ltd.,74/1, Rajpur Road Dehra Dun (UA) Phone No.: (0135) 2746817,2747898, 2749308 Fax 0135-23746847, 2743104, 2748478

Name Location Category Accommodation Type

Telephone No

Haridwar (STD Code-0133)        
Hotel Arjun Shiv Murti Moderate Double/AC 2421962/2420409
Hotel Ashok Jassa Ram Road Medium Dbl/Suit/Dx 2426469/2426807
Ashtha Guest House Railway Road Moderate Double 2428696
Hotel Basera Jassa Ram Road Moderate Doubles 2428182
Hotel Bhashkara Opp Rly Stn Medium Double/Dx 2425473/2423563
Hotel Classic Residency Delhi Road Luxury Dbl/Suit/Exc/AC 2428005/2460709
Hotel Ganga Azure Opp Rly Stn Luxury Dbl /AC 220938/2420939
Hotel Gangotree Upper Road Moderate Double 2424407/2422538
Hotel Golden Kankhal Road Moderate Single/Double 2427060
Hotel Gudev Railway Road Medium Double/Dx 2422500/2422200
Hotel Kailash Near Rly Stn Medium Dbl/Suit/AC 2427789/2423530
La Grand Hotel Ranipur More Medium Double/AC 2422466/2424157
Hotel Mahalakshmi Mansa Ropeway Medium - 2427238/2425594
Hotel Mansarover International Moti Bazar Mod/Med Dbl/Dx/AC/Dormi 2426501/2422514
Hotel Mid Town Rly Road Medium Double/AC 227507/2423674
Modi Inn Ramakrishna Rly Road Medium Double/AC 2420715
Hotel Panama Shiv Murti Modrate Double 2427506/2422304
Hotel Pavitra Niranjan Akhara Moderate Double/Family 2428970
Hotel Prem Deep Shiv Murti Moderate Double/Family 2424409
Purohit Lodge Har-ki-Pauri Moderate Double/AC 2426850/425683
Hotel Regency Rly Raod Moderate Double/AC 2421868
Hotel Sachin International Rly Station Medium Double/Family/AC 2422455/2422655
Sagar Ganga Resorts Mayapur Medium Double/AC 2422115/2428478
Hotel Shankar Niwas Upper Road Moderate Double 2427849
Hotel Shiv Murti Shiv Murti Chowk Moderate Dbl/Family/AC 2427651/2428986
Shubham Yatri Niwas Niranjan Akhara Moderate Double 2421721
Hotel Swagat Shiv Murti Medium Double/Family 2421581/42911
Hotel Trisul Rly Road Medium Dbl/Family/AC 2424811/422811
Hotel Vasundhara Mansa Rope Way Medium Double/AC 2426010/2422548
Hotel Videsh Viram Kankhal Road Moderate Single/Double 2422226
Rishilok (GMVN) Muni-Ke-Reti Mod/Medium Dbl/Suit/Dx/Dorm (0135) 2430373
Rihikesh (STD Code-01381)        
New Tourist Rest House Rksh bypass Medium Dbl/Dx/Ex/Dorm (0135) 2433002
Hotel Garhwal Main Market Moderate Double  22237
Hotel Narayan Palace Bus Station Medium Double 22380/22381
Vijay Laxmi Restaurant Main Market Moderate - 22233
Hotel Devlok (GMVN) Main Market Mod/Medium Dorm/Dbl/Cabin  22212
Baseraa The Hotel Ghat Road Moderate Single/Double 2432138/2430720
Ganga Bank River Side Resort Shivpuri       -        - 011-26875200
Hotel Ganga Kinare Veerbhadra Rd Luxury Dbl/Suits/AC 2431658/2435243
Hotel Ganga View Haridwar Road Luxury Sgl/Dbl/Suits/AC 2430781/2431081
Hotel Gangour Mukherjee Rd Moderate Dbl/Suit/AC 2430464/2433664
GHE Nature Camp, Brahmapuri Muni-ki-Reti Luxury Cottages 098-370-55578
High Bank Pheasants Cottage Tapovan Moderate Double/Suits 2432638/2431167
Inderlok Hotel Railway Road Medium Double/Suits/AC 2430555-56
Indo Ganga River Side Camp Shivpuri Medium Tents (0135) 2431937
Hotel Menka Bus Stand Moderate Single/Double 2430285/2430513
Hotel Natraj Dehradun Raod Luxury Sgls/Dbls/Suits/AC 2431099/2431272
New Bhandari Swiss Cottage Tapovan Moderate Single/Double


Hotel Rajdeep Near Ramjhula Moderate Single/Double/Dx 2434444/2435916
Hotel Sikhar Laxmanjhula Rd Moderate Sgls/Dbls/Dx 2433817/2434709
Hotel Shivlok Laxmanjhula Rd Medium Double/Dx/AC 2431055
Hotel Suvidha Sarvannath Nagar Medium Souble/Dx/AC  242703
UTT Jungle Camp Shivpuri Medium Tents 011-5727996
Besides these Hotels, accommodation is also available in several Dharamshalas and Ashram for nominal charges. For more details please visit
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