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Accommodation - Gangotri Route

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The information has been compiled through various sources and utmost care has been taken for the accuracy but viewers are advised to recheck the same from the Service provider. We also do not take any responsibility about the rates and quality of services provided. However, in case of any problems please contact us  to take up the matter with concerned quarter.
Classification based on rates Rupees per day
Category Dormitory Single Double Suits
Moderate 25 to 50 50 to 200 200 to 500 500 to 1500
Medium 50 to 150 200 to 500 500 to 1500 1500 to 3000
Luxury 150+ 500+ 1500+ 3000+

Off season discount is offered by some Hotels during July-September

GMVN=Garhwal Mandal Vikash Nigam (An Uttaranchal Govt undertaking). For Booking Contact:Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Ltd.,74/1, Rajpur Road, Dehra Dun (UA) Phone No.: (0135) 2746817, 2747898, 2749308


Name Location Category Accommodation Type Telephone No
Narendra Nagar- Altitude 1173 Mt, 16 Km from Rishikesh, STD Code: 01378
PWD Inspection Banglow for reservation contact SDO PWD Narendra Nagar
Ananda in the Himalayas N Nagar Luxury Rooms/Suits with Spa 227500
Chamba- Altitude 1534 Mt, 61 Km from Rishikesh and 60 Km from Mussoorie, STD Code: 01376
Tourist Rest House (GMVN) Chamba Medium Double Exec/Dormitory 255245
Classic Hill Top Resort Arakot Medoum Doubles 255252
Neelkanth Hotel Chamba Moderate Rooms/Dormitory 255055
Social Palace Chamba Moderate Rooms 255143
Hotel Shubham Chamba Moderate Rooms/Dormitory 255267
Dharasu- Altitude 1036 Mt, 118 Km from Rishikesh, STD Code: 013713
Hotel Ganga View Dharasu Moderate Rooms        -
Hotel Navratan Dharasu Moderate Rooms 27245
Hotel Suman Dharasu Moderate Rooms 27385
Uttarkashi- Altitude 1158 Mt, 146 Km from Rishikesh, STD Code: 01374
Tourist Rest House Main Market Medium Dbls/Dbl Dx/Suits/Dormitory 22221
Shikhar Nature Resort Netala (8 Km) Luxury Swiss Tents 23762
Hotel Akash Ganga Main Market Medium Doubles 22666
Aman Hotel Main Market Medium Doubles  22839
Hotel Amba Main Market Medium Doubles      -
Ashutosh Tourist Lodge Near TRH Moderate Doubles/Dormitory 22779
Hotel Bhandari Main Market Moderate Doubles 22283
Hotel Bhandari Annexe Main Market Medium Doubles 22283
Hotel Govind Palace Main Market Moderate Doubles 23815
Hotel Himansu Main Market Moderate Doubles 22735
Hotel Hanslok Main Market Moderate Doubles 22324
Hotel Hair Om Main Market Medium Doubles 22328
Hotel Hill View Main Market Moderate Doubles 22331/22931
Joshi Lodge Main Market Moderate Doubles 23531
Hotel Kapoor Main Market Medium Doubles 22420
Hotel Laxmi Main Market Medium Doubles 22276
Hotel Mandakini Main Market Medium Rooms 23377
Hotel Meghdoot Main Market Medium Doubles/Double-Dx 22218
Hotel Monal Main Market Medium Doubles 22270
Hotel Natraj Main Market Moderate Doubles 22035
Hotel Neelkanth Main Market Moderate Doubles 22544
Hotel Relax Main Market Medium Doubles/Doubles Dx 22567/22893
Hotel Sahaj Villa Main Market Medium Doubles       -
Hotel Satyam Main Market Medium Doubles 22566/22470
Shekhar Hotel Main Market Moderate Doubles 22808
Hotel Shivling Main Market Medium Doubles       -
Hotel Shivom Main Market Medium Doubles       -
Hotel Sidharth Main Market Moderate Doubles 22878
Hotel Suvidha Main Market Moderate Doubles 22168
Hotel Vijai Raj Main Market Medium Doubles 22334
Hotel Yuv Raj Main Market Moderate Doubles 22008
Hotel Ekant Tourist Complex Netala (8 Km) Moderate Doubles 22506
Hotel Holiday Inn Netala (8 Km) Moderate Doubles 22684
Shanti kunj Tourist Complex Netala (8 Km) Moderate Doubles     -
Maneri- Altitude 1298, 160 Km from Rishikesh, STD Code: 013744
Hotel Ganga Dharshan Near Dam Moderate Double/Hall 26219
Bhatwari- Altitude 1218 Mt, 174 Km from Rishikesh, STD Code: 013744
Hotel Shubham Bhatwari Moderate Doubles/4 Bedded/Hall 24356
Gangnani- Altitude 2133 Mt, 187 Km from Rishikesh
Hotel Rishilok Gangnani Moderate Rooms       -
Harsil- Altitude 2745 Mt, 218 Km from Rishikesh
Tourist Rest House (GMVN) Harsil Medium Double-Dx-Exec/Dormitory 0135-2746817
Lanka- Altitude 2789 Mt, 229 Km from Rishikesh
Tourist Rest House Lanka Moderate Double-Exec/Dormitory 0135-2746817
Bhaironghati- Altitude 2650 Mt, 231 Km from Rishikesh
Tourist Rest House Bhaironghati Moderate Double/Double-Exec/Dormitory 0135-2746817
Gangotri- Altitude 3048 Mt, 240 Km from Rishikesh, STD Code: 013772
Touris Rest House Gangotri Medium Double/Double-Dx/Dormitory 0135-2746817
Bhagirathi Sadan Gangotri Moderate Rooms/Dx 22210
Motel Bhagirathi Gangotri Moderate Rooms 22223
Birla Mangal Niketan Gangotri Moderate Family suits 22203
Bengal Bhawan Gangotri Moderate Rooms 22235
Bajoria Bhawan Gangotri Moderate Rooms      -
Hotel Chandralok Gangotri Moderate Rooms 22207
Dalmia Sadan Gangotri Moderate Rooms      -
Dipika Sadan Gangotri Moderate Rooms/Dormitory 22243
Dipti Sadan Gangotri Moderate Rooms      -
Ganga Niketan Gangotri Moderate Rooms 22219
Ganga Yamuna Sadan Gangotri Moderate Rooms 22225
Gangotri Guest House Gangotri Moderate Rooms 22203
Ganga Ashram Gangotri Moderate Rooms      -
Ganga Sadan Gangotri Moderate Rooms      -
Ganga Purohit Sabha Gangotri Moderate Rooms (Dharamshala) 22207
Gupta Sewa Sadan Gangotri Moderate Rooms      -
Jhanvi Ashram Gangotri Moderate Rooms 22216/22217
Manisha Cottage Gangotri Moderate Rooms 22222
Manav Sewa Sadan Gangotri Moderate Rooms      -
Meera Sadan Gangotri Moderate Rooms 22240
Padam Sadan Gangotri Moderate Rooms 22220
Shiva Himalaya Sadan Gangotri Moderate Rooms      -
Shiv Sewa Sadan Gangotri Moderate Rooms 22227
Sumani Bhawan Gangotri Moderate Rooms 22229
Saini Bhawan Gangotri Moderate Rooms      -
Ram Govind Niwas Gangotri Moderate Rooms      -
Sudarshan Sewa Sadan Gangotri Moderate Rooms 22218
Tourist Rest House (GMVN) Bhojwasha (14 Km) Medium Doubles/Dormitory/Tents 0135-2746817
Forest Rest Houses are available at Uttarkashi, Maneri, Bhatwari, Gangnani, Sukhi Top, Harsil, Bhaironghati, Gangotri and Gomukh. For reservation, please contact D F O at Uttarkashi.
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