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Accommodation at Dehra Dun and Mussoorie

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Dehra Dun

 The information has been compiled through various sources and utmost care has been taken for the accuracy but viewers are advised to recheck the same from the Service provider. We also do not take any responsibility about the rates and quality of services provided. However, in case of any problems please contact us to take up the matter with concerned quarter.

Classification based on rates Rupees per day
Category Dormitory Single Double Suits
Moderate 25 to 50 50 to 200 200 to 500 500 to 1500
Medium 50 to 150 200 to 500 500 to 1500 1500 to 3000


150+ 500+ 1500+ 3000+

Off season discount is offered by some Hotels during July-September

GMVN=Garhwal Mandal Vikash Nigam (An Uttaranchal Govt undertaking). For Booking Contact:Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Ltd.,74/1, Rajpur Road Dehra Dun (UA) Phone No.: (0135) 2746817, 2749308, Fax- 0135-2376847, 2743104, 2748478

Name Location Category Accommodation Type

Telephone No

Dehra Dun (STD Code-0135)        
Hotel Akash Deep Tyagi Road Moderate Sgls/Dbls/Suits 2627278/2629148
Hotel Ajanta Continental Rajpur Road Medium Double/Suits 2749595-98
Hotel Aketa Rajpur Road Moderate Sgls/Dbls/Dx 2747928/2744302
Ashiyana Guest House Raja Road Moderate Doubles 2727864/2622045
Hotel Ashrey Tyagi Road Medium Dbls/Dx/Luxury 2623388/2629831
Hotel Atithi Tyagi Road Medium Duble/Dx/AC 2627246/2625033
Hotel Ambassador Rajpur Road Medium Sgls/Dbls/Suit/AC 2655832-32
Hotel Aparajita Near Rly Stn Moderate Single/Double 2623425
Hotel Aroma New Road Moderate Doubles 2656776
Comforts Lodge Chakrata Road Moderate Dorm/Sgls/Dbls 2658203
Hotel Dai Chi Rajpur Road Moderate Double/Family 2658107
Hotel Deepshika Rajpur Road Medium Double/Dx/AC 2659888-89
Hotel Dinex Gandhi Road Moderate Double 2625192
Doon View Hotel Rajpur Road Moderate Double 2659042
Hotel Embassy Paltan Bazar Moderate Sgls/Dbls/Family 2655790
Hotel Gaurab Gandhi Road Medium Dbls/Dx/AC/Suits 2658870-72
Hotel Great Value Rajpur Road Luxury Sgls/Dbls/Suits/AC 2744762-65
Hotel Himshri Rajpur Road Moderate Double/Dx 2653880/2652583
Hotel Him Palace Dharampur Moderate Double/Dx 2673237
Inderlok Hotels Rajpur Road Medium Dbls/Sgls/Suits 2658113/2652744
Jai Bharat Hotel Rly Station Moderate Rooms 2629647
Hotel Krishna Palace Gandhi Road Moderate Dbls/Dbls AC 2629630/2725488
Motel Kwality Rajpur Road Moderate Single/Double 2657001-02
Motel Lalit Palace Krishan Nagar Moderate Sgls/Dbls/Dbls AC 2755313/2755307
Hotel Best Westren Rajpur Road Luxury Sgls/Dbls/AC/Suits 2749990-95
Hotel Mayank Tyagi Road Moderate Singles/Doubles 2625004
Hotel Meedo's Grand Rajpur Road Medium Dbls/Dbls AC/Suits 2747171-72
Metro Hotel Rajpur Road Moderate Doubles 2654092
Hotel Meedo Gandhi Road Moderate Dbls/Dbls AC/Dx 2622778/2627088
Hotel Monarch E C Road Moderate Doubles 2652252
Nandakini Hotel Haridwar Road Moderate Dbls/Dbls Dx/AC 2627860/2724848
Hotel Nishima Gandhi Road Moderate Rooms 2626640/2726640
Oriental Hotel Darshani Gate Moderate Singles/Doubles 2627059
Osho Resort Rajpur Road Medium Dbls AC/Dbls Dx 2749522/2749544
Hotel Park View Rajpur Road Moderate Dormitory/Sgl/Dbls 2653231/2653222
Hotel Pathik Karanpur Moderate Single/Double 2743084
Hotel Priya Rajpur Road Moderate Single/Double 2746511/2741165
Hotel President Astley Hall Luxury Sgls AC/Dbls AC/Dx 2657082/2657386
Hotel Prince Haridwar Road Moderate Sgls/Dbls/AC/Suits 2627070/2622908
Hotel Rang Mahal Bus Stand Moderate Singles/Doubles 2655924
Hotel Regent East Canal Road Medium Sgls/Dbls/AC Suits 2659486
Hotel Relax Court Road Medium Sgls/Dbls/Ex Suits 265776/2656608
Hotel Richi Rich Haridwar Road Medium Dbls/3-4 Beded 2623118
Hotel Satkar Patel Road Moderate Single/Double 2652561
Hotel Shagun Palace E C Road Medium Doubles/3-4 Beded 2745185/2745186
Hotel Shiva Residency Rajpur Raod Medium Sgls/Dx/Suits 2745500-01
Hotel Siddharth Haridwar Road Moderate Dbls/Sgls/Dx 2622513
Hotel Sukhsadan E C Road Moderate Single/Double 2655122
Hotel Surabhi Palace Chakrata Road Luxury Sngl/Dbl/Dx AC/Suit 2624970
Hotel Victoria Rly Station Moderate Sgls/Dbls/3-4 Beded 2623488
Hotel White House Subhash Road Moderate Single/Double 2656594/2652765
Mussoorie (STD Code 0135)        
Ambika Resorts The Mall Luxury Doubles/Suits 2632160
Hotel Ashok Continental The Mall Luxury Dbls/AC Dx/Suits 2632490/2631409
Avalon Resorts Gunhill Luxury Rooms/Cottages 2632892-93
Hotel Brentwood The Mall Medium Single/Double 2632036/2632106
Hotel Broadway Camel's Road Moderate Single/Double/4 Bed 2632243
Noble Resorts Air Field Luxury Doubles 2632525
Hotel Classic Heights Gandhi Chowk Medium Rooms/Sgls/Suits 2632514/2632590
Connaught Castle The Mall Luxury Single/Double 2632210/2631138
Country Inn Kincraig Medium Double/AC/Cottage 2631196
Dunsvirk Court The Mall Luxury Sgls/Dbls/Suits 2631043/2632377
Hotel Filigree Kurli Medium Doubles 2632380/2631380
Hotel Great Value The Mall Medium Doubles/Dx/Suits 2632088/2631442
Hotel Green Castle The Mall Medium Double/Dx/Super Dx 2632657/2630987
Hotel Hill Queen The Mall Moderate Rooms 2632238/2632797
Hotel Horizon The Mall Medium Doubles 2632899/2630681
Jaypee Residency Manor Barloganj Luxury Single AC/Double AC 2631800/2631819
Kasmanda Palace The Mall Medium Sgls/Dbls/Suits 2632424
Hotel Mid Town The Mall Medium Doubles/Suits 2632856/2632649
Hotel Nishima Landour Moderate Doubles/4 Beded 2632227/2630298
Hotel Padmani Niwas The Mall Medium Dbls/Semi Dx/Dx 2631093/2633123
Hotel Pearl View Camel's Road Moderate Single/Double/Suits 2632052/2632257
The Pearl Kalsa Estate Medium Doubles/Suits 2631045-46-47
Savoy Hotel The Mall Medium Single/Double/Suits 2632120/2632010
Shilton Hotel Library Bazar Medium Doubles/Suits 2632983/2631236
Hotel Shining Star The Mall Medium Doubles/Suits 2632468/2632333
Hotel Shiva Continental The Mall Medium Doubles/Suits 2632174-75
Shipra Hotel The Mall Medium Doubles/Suits 2632662/2631325
Hotel Solitaire Plaza Kincraig Road Medium Doubles/Suits 2632164/2632165
Sterling Holiday Resorts Circular Road Medium Dbls/Suits/Cottages 2631712-13-15
Valley View Hotel The Mall Medium Doubles/Suits 2632324/2632211
Hotel Western The Mall Moderate Sgls/Dbls/Suits 2632249