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Accommodation - Badrinath Route and Chamoli District

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The information has been compiled through various sources and utmost care has been taken for the accuracy but viewers are advised to recheck the same from the Service provider. We also do not take any responsibility about the rates and quality of services provided. However, in case of any problems please contact us to take up the matter with concerned quarter.

Classification based on rates Rupees per day
Category Dormitory Single Double Suits
Moderate 25 to 50 50 to 200 200 to 500 500 to 1500
Medium 50 to 150 200 to 500 500 to 1500 1500 to 3000


150+ 500+ 1500+ 3000+

Off season discount is offered by some Hotels during July-September

GMVN=Garhwal Mandal Vikash Nigam (An Uttaranchal Govt undertaking). For Booking Contact:Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam Ltd.,74/1, Rajpur Road, Dehra Dun (UA) Phone No.: (0135)2746817, 2747898, 2749308 Fax- 0135-23746847, 2743104, 2748478

Rishikesh Badrinath Route

Click here for accommodation at Rishikesh


Deoprayag- Altitude 613 Mt, 71 Km from Rishikesh,  STD Code: 01378

Tourist Rest House(GMVN) Deoprayag Moderate Doubles 226013
Vijailaxmi Rest House Deoprayag Moderate Double/4 Beded 226063
Srinagar- Altitude 579 Km, 105 Km from Rishikesh,  STD Code: 01388
Tourist Rest House (GMVN) Srinagar Medium Dorm/Dbls/AC/DX/Suits 252199
Hotel Crystal Konark Srikot Medium Rooms 253080
Hotel Prachi University Complex Moderate Doubles 252308
Rama Hotel Bus Stand Moderate Doubles 252476
Shivalik Hotel Sweetpul Moderate Doubles 252666
Hotel Urvashi Bus Stand Moderate Dormitory/Single/Double 252092/252281
Karanprayag- Altitude 832 Mt, 171 Km from Rishikesh,  STD Code: 01372)
Tourist Rest House (GMVN) Bus Stand Medium Dormitory/Double/DX/Ex 244348
Hotel Alka Bus Stand Moderate Rooms 244023
Pinder Lodge Bus Stand Moderate Double/2-8 Beded -
Uma Lodge Bus Stand Medium Double/2-5 Beded 224348
Nandprayag- Altitude 914 Mt, 191 Km from Rishikesh,  STD Code:  01372
Tourist Rest House (GMVN) Bus Stand Moderate Dormitory/Double/DX/Ex 251215
Rajender Lodge Bus Stand Moderate Rooms 251291
Pipalkoti- Altitude 1229 Mt, 219 Km from Rishikesh,  SDT Code: 01372
Tourist Rest House (GMVN) Pipalkoti Medium Dbl Dx/Dbl Exec/Dormitory 265237
Alakhnanda Hotel Pipalkoti Medium Rooms/Dormitory/Dx Rooms 266287
Hotel Badrinath Pipalkoti Medium Dbl/Dbl Dx/Suits/Dormitory 256215
Indira Lodge Pipalkoti Medium 3 Bedded Rooms/Dormitory 266223
Prashant Hotel Pipalkoti Medium Rooms 266217/09412119046
Vikrant Hotel Pipalkoti Medium Rooms/Dormitory 266209
Vivek Lodge Pipalkoti Moderate 2-5 Bedded/Doubles 266220
Kalikamali Dharamsala Pipalkoti Moderate               -      -
Swami Parmanand Dharamsala Pipalkoti Moderate               -      -
Joshimath- Altitude 1890 Mt, 253 Km from Rishikesh, STD Code: 01389
Tourist Rest House, New (GMVN) Joshimath Medium Dbl Dx-Exec/Suits/Dormitory 222226
Tourist Rest House, Old (GMVN) Joshimath Medium Dbl Dx-Exec/Suits/Dormitory 222118
Anand Hotel & Restaurant Joshimath Moderate Doubles/3 & 5 Bedded 222343
Hotel Dronagiri Joshimath Medium Dbls/Exec/Economy/Dormitory 222254/222221
Hotel Kamet Near Ropeway Medium Dbls/3-4 & 5 Bedded/Rooms 222155/222101
Marwari Hotel & Restaurant Joshimath Medium Dbls/3-4 Bedded 222277/222251
Hotel Shail Shikhar Joshimath Moderate Dbls/4-5-7 Bedded 222201
Hotel Shivlok Joshimath Moderate Rooms 222050
Hotel Sriram Joshimath Medium Dbls/Dx/3-4 Bedded 222332
Hotel Udai Palace Joshimath Medium Dbls/Exec Suits/Dormitory 222004
Hotel Vivek Joshimath Medium Dbls/3-4 Bedded 222215/222015
Badrinath- Altitude 3096 Mt, 298 Km from Rishikesh, STD Code: 01381
Hotel Devlok (GMVN) Badinath Medium Dorm/Cabin/Dbl/Dx/Ex 22212/22338
Hotel Garhwal Badinath Moderate Doubles 22237
Hotel Narayan Palace Near Bus Stand Medium Doubles/Suits 22380/22381
Other Locations in Chamoli District
Gwaldam (STD Code: 01372)
Tourist Rest House (GMVN) Gwaldam Medium Double Dx-Exec/Dormitory 284744
Auli (STD Code- 01389)
Cliff Top Club Auli Medium Cottages 223217-20
GMVN Huts Auli Medium Log-Huts/Dormitory 223208/223305
Goucher (STD - 013728)
Tourist Rest House (GMVN Gaucher Medium Dormitory/Double/DX/Ex 221611
Colonels Cottage Gaucher Medium Dormitory/Double/2-8 Bed 240693
Gopeshwar (STD - 01372)
Tourist Rest House (GMVN) Bus Stand Medium Dormitory/Double/DX/Ex 252468
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