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Hotels in and around Almora

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The information has been compiled through various sources and utmost care has been taken for the accuracy but viewers are advised to recheck the same from the Service providers. We also do not take any responsibility about the rates and quality of services provided. However, in case of any problems please contact us  to take up the matter with concerned quarter.

Classification based on rates Rupees per day
Category Dormitory Single Double Suits
Moderate 25 to 50 50 to 200 200 to 500 500 to 1500
Medium 50 to 150 200 to 500 500 to 1500 1500 to 3000


150+ 500+ 1500+ 3000+

Off season discount is offered by some Hotels during July-September

KMVN=Kumaon Mandal Vikash Nigam (An Uttaranchal Govt undertaking)

For Booking Contact:Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam Ltd.,Oak Park House
Tallital, Nainital Phone No.: (05942) 236356, 236209, 235700
Fax No.: (05942) 236897  E-mail:

ALMORA (STD Code- 05962)

Name Location Category Accommodation Type Telephone No
Alka Hotel Main Market Moderate Double/Single  232163
Hotel Ambassador Main Station Moderate Suits and Dormitory  230118
Hotel Aparna Main Market Moderate Doubles  230192/231646
Ashok Hotel Lala Bazar Main Moderate Dormitory/Doubles/Single  230066
Hotel Deodar Inn M G Road Moderate Dormitory/Doubles/Single  233025
Himgiri Guest House Main Market Moderate Single  222595
Hotel Himsagar Main Station Medium DBL/DBL-Dx/Suite-Exe


Hotel Kailash Main Station Moderate Single  230624
Hotel Konark Main Station Moderate/Medium Single/Double  231217
New Himalaya Hotel Main Station Moderate Single/Double      -
Hotel Pawan Main Station Moderate Single/Double  230252
Ranjana Hotel Main Station Moderate Single/Double  231349
Savoy Hotel M G Road Moderate Double/Suits  230329
Hotel Shikhar Station Road Medium (*** Star) Single/Double/Suits


Hotel Shyam Lala Bazar Moderate Double  232790
Hotel Shelesh Near GGIC Medium   08954425500/232399
Bhagwati Palace Lower Mall Road Medium Single/Double        -
Hotel Jeewan Palace Sha Bairav Temple Medium Dormitory/DBL/3 Beded


Trishul Hotel M G Road Moderate Doubles  230243
PWD Inspection House Almora     230033
Circuit House Almora     230292
Forest Rest Hose Almora     230065

Holiday Home

(Run KMVN)

M G Road





Tourist Rest House

(Run by K M V N)

Sitalakhet (29 Km frm Almora)





Tourist Rest House

(Run by K M V N)

Kosi (12 Km from Almora) Moderate Dormitory  241067

Tourist Rest House

(Run by K M V N)

Danya (en-route Jageshwar) Moderate Single/Double     -
Hotel Vikas Station Road Moderate Single/Double  231455
Y M C A Kapharkhan Moderate Dormitory/Double  
Binsar (32 Km from Almora) STD Code- 05962
Mountain Resort Khali Estate (9 Km from Binsar) Medium Cottages/Dormitory


Tourist Rest House

(Run by KMVN)

Binsar Medium/Luxury Single/Double/Dx/Exe  280176

Club Mahindra Valley


24 Km from Binsar

on Bageshwar Road




Kalmatia Kala Sangam 9 Km from Almora Luxury Cottages 233625/231572
Grand Oak Monar 10 Km from Almora Luxury Double +91-9412909518
Jageshwar Tample (35 Km from Almora) STD Code- 05962
Tourist Rest House Jageshwar Moderate



Raj Mahal Hotel Jageshwar Moderate Single 263028
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