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Rudraprayag District


Surrounded   by   Pauri,   Tehri   Chamoli     and Uttarkashi Districts,  the newly  created  district houses the Shrine of Sri Kedarnath beside three other Kedars namely  Madmaeshwar,  Tungnath and  Rudranath.  It is  land of  most singing and dancing   river   Mandakini . Ancient   temples  of Kalimath,       Guptakashi ,        Ukhimath      and Triyuginarain  are  also  located. The Kedarnath route passes along magnificent  valley of Madakini with panoramic view of peaks. 'Man eater of Rudraprayag'   killed  about 300 people during 1918-26 and shot dead by Jim Corbett on 1.5.1926. An memorial has been erected in his memory. The district is rich in minerals such as  Asbestos, Magnestic, Soapstone, Copper, Iron, Graphite, Gypsum, Lead, Sulphur etc.

Rudraprayag Town

District    Headquarters    of   same     name, Rudraprayag   town   is   situated     on   the confluence of   Alakhnanda and  Mandakini rivers.    At    this    point   the   roads  to  Sri Badrinath   and  Kedarnath  branches  off. Road to the right along  Alakhnanda  leads to  Sri   Badrinath   and  to   the   left   along Madakini to Kedarnath. There is an ancient cave   temple of Lord  Shiva at Koteshwar Mahadev Cave  where millions of Shiv Lingas are scattered all around.  It  is said  that  Sage Narada  meditated  here and pleased  Lord Shiva gifted him Rudra Veena.

Places of Interest
Place Height (Mt) Importance

Ukhimath 1311 Land of  Usha (beautiful daughter of Demon Varasura). Temples of Onkareshwara, Usha, Shiva-Parvati. During winter Lord Keadarnath is  worshiped here.
Tungnath 3680 One of the five Kedars is 35 Km  (including 5 Km track from Chopta) from Ukhimath towards Gopeshwar. Spell binding view of Nandadevi, Neelkanth, Kedarnath and Bandarpoonch peaks.
Triyuginarain 1942 Ancient huge temple of Naraina. It is said that the marriage ceremony of Lord Shiv and Parwati was performed here and the scared fire is still burning. There are ponds named as Brahmakund, Rudrakund and Saraswati kund for taking dip, tarpan etc.
Madmaheshwar 3289 Another member of five Kedars, an ancient temple of Buddhist style. It is 24 Km track from Kalimath. The track passes through a marvelous path playing hide and seek with peaks of Chaukhambha, Kedarnath, Neelkanth etc.


2286 Another Kedar  where Shiva is worshiped as Neelkanth Mahadev. The 25 Km track from Gopeshwar passes through beautiful and fragrant meadows and glittering site of snow clapped peaks of Trisul and Nandadevi ect.