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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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Ruch Mahadev




The Himalaya is the abode of  Lord Siva and His consort Parvati. There are many temples of the Lord scattered all over the Himalayas . They are not gorgeous , they are very old , made of stone   with some sculptures. But there are also some places where there is no temple as such. Only natural rocks are worshipped. One such  place is Ruch Mahadev,   few kms from Kalimath in Rudraprayag District


    Alighting from the jeep, we started our downward trek of about 2 kms . A bit steep slope but not at all hard that can be covered in about 30 minutes to lead near a bridge over a mountain stream. The water from a falls is flowing in to the Kali Ganga river (it is a tributary of Mandakini not the main Kali/Sarda river of Pithoragarh) . There was loud noise of gushing stream which is  collected in a small area forming a small pool where several species of bird were bathing, as if in a swimming pool. We crossed the bridge then again have to climb up though simple distance and then came near the gate of Ruch Mahadev located on the bed of the Mandakini River.


     There is a huge rock which is worshipped as Lord Siva, called Ruch Mahadev . The blue water of the river flowing with musical sound. We went and offered our prayers. Took water from the river and poured on the rock . Water was less in the river as it was winter. Just near is the confluence of Kaliganga and Mandakini rivers . I walked over the rocks and took crystal clear snaps which may not be feasible  in rainy season or summer. The place is very beautiful. There are some green creepers which make the place more beautiful. It is a very nice place and worth a visit by all nature lovers.

   Ruch  Mahadev is located about six km from Kalimath from where Jeeps are available and it is 2 km trek from the road.


    There is no place to stay.  But enthusiastic people may stay in local shops. As it is close to Kalimath one can return back to Kalimath for night stay where ample accommodation is available.