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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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Ranikhet is  a blend  of exotic  divine  view off majestic central Himalayas, lush green pine and deodar  forests, systematically   laid    roads   and  cottages   with   calm,    quiet  and clean environment.   Legend   is   that      enchanted     by         itís      beautiful  surroundings in 12th centaury, a Rani (Queen) decided to settle down here that is why it is called Rani-Khet  (Queenís Field). British established a Military Contonment here in 1869. It is an all season  paradise for tourists.

 In 1948 the headquarters  of  Kumaon   Regiment was shifted here from Hydrabad and Colonel S M Shrinagesh (who later became the Chief of the Indian Army) became it's first Indian Commanding Officer. General K S Thimaya and General T N Raina  also belong to this regiment.   Major    Som    Nath Sharma of 4th Kumaon Regiment was killed in 1948 in the decisive battle of Badgam in Kashmir fighting against the invaders and the First  Param  Vir Chakra  was   awarded to him posthumously. The main parade ground is named after him. A War memorial and  Army   Museum  are   also located here.

   Ranikhet can be   accessed   both from         Kathgodam   (86 Km)   and Ramnagar (90 Kms) Rail Heads. Trains for Howrah, Lucknow & Delhi originates from Kathgodam . Buses and Taxis are available from here.  Good hotels are available for stay.

The     fascinating   view  of   whole    central Himalayas plays seek and hide while walking through the Mall Road.  Famous         melodious     Hindi  film Madhumati presents glimpses of the color, costume, locations and folk songs of this area

Places of interest

Upat and Kalika


One of the best and biggest 9 hole Golf Course in North India situated between lush green forest surrounded by mountains. A temple of Kalika (Kali) is situated atop a hill.


Temple of Goddess Durga along Mall Road. Bells of all sizes are tied here by the devotees who's wishes were fulfilled by the Goddess.


Mahatma Gandhi stayed in a Kutir (later named after him). Battle ground of several freedom fighters during freedom struggle . Golu devta of Tarikhet is revered all over Kumaon.


Famous for Govt fruit orchard housing more than 150 Varieties of apples.  Panoramic view of Himalayas and Almora Town.
Bhallu Dam


Picnic spot with a artificial lake and dam supplying drinking water to Ranikhet Town.


Presents closer and clear view of Himalayas. Birla Vidya Mandir for Girls is also located.
Dwarahat and Dunagiri


It is said that Lord Krishna intended to build his capital at Dwarahat instead of Dwarka but abandoned the idea for lack of water. It  was also capital of Katyuri dynasty for some time. Famous for ancient temple complex and sculptures which were damaged by Rohillas in 1745 . Famous melodious fair of Bikhoti is held in April every year. At a distance of 17 Kms at Dunagiri the famous Shakti Peeth of Durga is situated atop a 7000 feet high lush green mountain presenting a fascinating view of Himalayas and beautiful valleys down beneath . Nearby Pandukholi caves spanning 3 Kms are said to be carved by Pandavas. It is believed that few ageless sages still meditate in these caves. Swami Yogananda has mentioned about these caves in his autobiography.



The place with a close and clear view of peaks and Ramganga Valley down below symbolises itís name means enchanting and attractive. It is also seat of famous Manila Devi the family deity of Katyuri dynasty.

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