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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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Preface and Acknowledgments
   During his posting at Joshimath in 1971, Hillman brought a framed picture of Sri Badrinath. It adored his tent, tabella, hut and room wherever he went during last 30 years. And one day the torn photograph  find its way to dust bin. Hillman felt very sad. But the technology came to his rescue and he scanned the photo onto his computer. Another day a friend after returning from Uttaranchal trip was sorting her bags. Few pamphlets, leaflets, tourist guides etc had been classified as Kabar (waste). Hillman asked for the custody of these articles and scanned it onto computer. Thus came the idea of an e-magazine dedicated to Uttaranchal. So it is a humble effort by a Hillman with modest means to bring Uttaranchal on World Cyber Map.

        The material has been collected from various sources. We pay our respect to legendary  Kumaon Kesari Late Shri Badri Datt Pande and  renowned scholar Dr. Shiv Prasad Dabral for their works on the history of Uttaranchal that proved  of great help. We also acknowledge the contributions of Uttar Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation and Nest and Wings for material obtained from their pamphlets and tourist guides. We also bow before Tapovanam Swami for mythological stories  mentioned in his book ‘Himalaya Darshan’. We also thank to Shri K S Fonia for his book ‘The traveller’s Guide to Uttarakhand’ ; Ms Laxmi Pant of Mahila Samiti, Almora for her book 'Apen'; Ruskin Bond for his book 'Beautiful Garhwal'  and Shri Chandra Sekhar Panchali for his book 'Secrets of Himalayas'.  We also thank to all friends and relatives for encouraging us and for providing  photographs from their Albums and other information of importance. All care has been taken to check and crosscheck the figures but should also be verified from local authorities. Even maps of Uttaranchal issued by various agencies (some of them are said to be approved by the Survey of India ) are confusing. For instance few has shown Gaucher   in Rudraprayag district and  in Chamoli district by others. However, any mistake is regretted and we welcome any authenticated information for correction.

    We have kept the lay out and presentation quite simple in consonance with the  serenity of  hills. The Magazine is in it’s infancy and we will try our best to improve it’s contents and quality. We invite your suggestions for improvements. Your contributions, if deemed fit may also be included (with editing) in the Magazine provided it is relevant and suits the theme of We are exploring the feasibility for  technologically sound value additions keeping in view the the potential of providing employment in Tourism Industry ( one of the only two up ward industries, entertainment being other at this time of slump ).  Let us work together for the mission. 'Main akela hi chala tha janibe manjil, log jurte gaye or carvan banta gaya.'

                   Lot of congratulations on 55th Independence day.

15 August, 2001