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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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Peaks of Uttaranchal We have climbed their highest peaks and crossed their most difficult passes, but still they keep their secrecy and reserve, remaining remote, mysterious and spirit-haunted.

                                                   Ruskin Bond

   Snow   clad   Peaks   and    Glaciers  are    treasuries and reservoir of Himalayas and vital for Indian hydrograph, geography, weather cycle. It is also a determent factor for the growth of civilization around lower Himalayas and down below the sub continent. These peaks may have been  scaled by human many times but are still source of inspiration   and   bring   us closer   to    ourselves.    The enchanting and divine beauty and aura of these peaks in the morning and evening is spellbound and beyond expression. Uttaranchal Himalayas also known as Central Himalayas stretch about 350 KM housing some of the most spectacular peaks with over hundred of them towering above 20000 Ft/6000 M. Nanda Devi(25640 Ft) is ranked 2nd highest peak in India and 20th in the in the world after Kanchanjunga.

   There is a peak called Kawalekh.  Like Hindu believe to cast off their body at Kashi, crows prefer to die at this peak. Thousand  crows are seen hovering around this peak.






7817 Noel Odell and Bill Tilman 1936 Named   after  most  reverted   and worshiped  Goddess  in the hill, the Nanda or Parvati or  Bhagwati, it is the  highest peak     of    India    and   also referred  to  as  Meru  Parbat in old scriptures   consisting of   surrounding  Nandaghunguti,  Nandakote     Nandakhat , Nandatrisuli, Nandabhanar and several other unnamed  peaks. Most of the Glaciers are located between the base of these peaks. This towering and majestic peak attracts most mountaineers   and till now 23 attempts   have   been  made out of which only 13 were successful.   On its base,  surrounded   by   seventy odd   snow   clad  peaks is situated the Nandadevi  Sanctuary inhabited by    rare   flora    and   fauna      and frequented    by    snow    leopards, bears, foxes, musk deer and exotic bird Munal with colorful  plumage. Smoke often emanates from this peak supposed to be from divine kitchen.
Kameth 7756 Frank Smythe and Party 1931 In the process Smythe discovered and wrote famous book the ‘Valley of Flowers’.
Abi- Gamin 7355 G Chevalley & Party 1950
Mana Peak 7138 Frank Smythe & Party 1937
Bardrinath Peak 7138 L George & Party
Trisul 7120 Tomgstaff, Brocheral, Kabir Burathoki & Party 1907
Dunagiri Peak 7066 Andre Rock & Party 1939



6904 ITB Police 1972

Panchchuli peaks are a group of five  peaks said to be 'Five Chulis'(Cooking hearths)of Pandavs where they cooked their last meal before proceeding toward their heavenly abode.

Changbang 6864 C Berington,  Balwant Sandhu, Tashi Sherpa & Party 1974

Shivling is the most frequented peak of Himalayas

Neelkanth 6596 ITB Police 1974
Shivling 6543 ITB Police 1974
Nilgiri 6467 Frank Smythe & Party 1937