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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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Mussoorie-Queen of Hills


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 Landour , Kulohari, Libaray are main bazars. Mall Road and Charleville Road are idle for a claim and quiet walks.

Famous as Queen of Hills, Mussoorie is situated between Shivalik  and Central Himalayas presenting a  splendid view of Doon Valley,   snow clad peaks and canvas of Ganga and Yamuna winding their ways from the hills into the plains. Established by Captain Young in 1826 and later taken on lease from King of Tehri by British for Sanatorium for their troops at Landour. In 1884 Duke and Duchess of Connaught choose it as their summer residence and gradually other Indian  Princes follow suit. Lot of Public Schools and other Institutions came up over a period of time. Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy for IAS is also located here. It is home of famous writer Ruskin Bond who has written several lore about this hill station.






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Bebnog Hill


Panoramic view of peaks and Yamuna valley and an old temple of Durga is situated on the top.

Depot Hill


Highest point in Mussoorie (2438 Mts) presents a closer splendid view of Badrinath, Kedarnath, Bandarpunch and Nandadevi peaks.
Gun Hill


Also connected by rope way(400 m).  Named as such as a Gun was used to be fired at 12 Noon during British time presents a panoramic view of Himalayan peaks.
Municipal Garden


A beautiful picnic spot a garden and an artificial mini lake with paddled boating facility.
Lal Tibba


Breath taking view of peaks. A telescope is also installed
Mussoorie Lake


Situated on Dehra Dun Raod having  facilities  of pedaled boats presents  a breathtaking view of Doon Valley and surrounding villages especially during night.
Camel's Back Road


The road resembles back of a Camel starts from  Kulri Bazar and terminates at Library Bazar.  Offers a sunset view of the Himalayan peaks. Ideal for horse riding and walks in the evening.
Mossay Falls


Beautiful water falls surrounded by dense forest is a ideal spot for picnic .
Park Estate


Sir George Everest after whom highest peak of the world has been named was the first Surveyor General of India had established his laboratory at this place presents an  enchanting view of Doon Valley, Yamuna Valley and Himalayan peaks.

Kempty Falls


Water fall divided into 3 streams falls into a pond. A refreshing bath in natural sorroundings.
Surkanda Devi


Temple of Surkanda Devi.