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Koteshwar, the cave temple on the banks of river Alakhnanda is only 3 kms from Rudraprayag town in Garhwal Himalayasl. It is a  beautiful, quiet place and its serene beauty always attract me. I visited the place three times. First time I visited Koteshwar in  2000.  The river flows just below the cave and a guarding wall has been constructed for safety. During  rainy season, the water level rises almost upto the cave. There are innumerable Siva Lingas inside the cave.

Koteshwar derives its name from Sanskrit word ĎKotií means 10 million (crore). It is said that there are one crore Shiv Lingas in side the cave and from that came the name Koteshwar Mahadev Cave.

After reaching the place, one has to walk down a gentle slope  to reach the bank of the river. The Cave is situated on your left just few steps above the bank. Water is tickling down the walls of the cave and no one knows the source of the water. The cave is slippery wet One have to place one's steps carefully else may land on one or another linga. Itís always advisable to keep a powerful torch as the inside is dark.

I feel like sitting there on the bank of the river for hours together, enjoying the serenity of the place, away from the bustle and din of city life and hectic daily schedule.

I again visited the place in 2005 and 2006.  That time, I found the concrete steps have been constructed leading to the bank and  the path leading to the cave has  also been  widened. Railings and chains have been  put up to make the place more secure. Though, the place lost its natural touch a bit, but still it is beautiful.

If you ever visit Rudraprayag, I will always request to take out some time and visit the place.