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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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Invoking the Gods- Jagar

Jagar  or  Ghanyali  or   Baisi   are  conducted   to invoke  the family or  Community  Deity   with     in     a   particular   person     called      Dangeria.     Golju,  Narsingh, Saimju, Kalbisht Bholanath,  Bhagwati,     Pari    etc    are   common  deity of  Kumaon  hills  and   they   protect   them   and   their   livestock    from   evil  spirits. Community  Jagar  are  called Baisi  as  it  runs   for   22   days.    Baisi  is   held annually during winter nights around the Dhuni fire.      Among   fast  beats  of  Drum,  Hurka and Thali, songs   containing   praise  and    heroic  deeds  of   the   Deity  are  sung   by  a   person  called   Jagaria    (a person authorized to activate the Deity). 

People use to ask cause and  remedies of their problems from the Devata. Jagars are also held by individuals periodically in honour of their Ishta (family deity) devata.

In old times the Baisi had been a source of entertainment  during the chilly long winter nights around a warm Dhuni fire.

Both the Jagaria and Dangeria   have  to observe strict code of conduct otherwise they lose their status and powers. They have to visit dancing bear foot to designated temples to pay their respect. Uttarkashi, Bageshwar, Jageshwar, Banari (Brinda) Devi etc are such temples where local devtas of surrounding areas come to pay respect.


After  some  time the  Deity is  activated and the Dangeria   starts  shivering  and dancing with some  utterances.  People  with  folded  hands seek  remedies   for their   ill   health  or   other  miseries.   The   Deity   suggests   cause  and  remedy   in       incoherent     language       but      people interpret it to take  necessary  action as suggested.   A female Deity called  Pari (Fairy)   attired   in    colorful  local  dress     performs   Deep   Dance   with   several  lamps   lit upon  Thalis (Plates).   Some  times  these   Deities perform miraculous acts such as walking on fire or licking of hot spades etc.