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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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Views of Visitors
We welcome your free and frank views and suggestions about Hill-Lore. The comments will be included in this page with necessary editing if needed. Pl contact us to forward your comments.

Dear editor, 


 First of all my hearty congratulations on developing such a wonderful and relevant website. As I was born and brought up in Almora, visiting was obviously a nostalgic trip down the memory lane. I still have

the fondest memories of  Uttranchal and the longing in my heart ,for places there, will only grow with the time.

  However, let me commend your excellent efforts about showcasing the beauty and magic of Uttranchal to the rest of the world. The only information I could not find was about the places to stay and about  local shopping experiences  e.g. about  local produce and local handicrafts etc. It would be great if you could include some information for the tourists else they would have to depend heavily on lonely planet guides, which are again only the perspectives and points of views of  western tourists, and don't do justice either to the native Uttranchalis or to them. 

   Anyway keep up the good work done. I'm currently pursuing my MBA from Nottingham University Business School, UK after working for several years. Let me know if I could be of any help to you in any capacity.

Good luck and regards

Ranjan Joshi
A-72, Melton Hall, Jubilee Campus
Nottingham University Business School
University of Nottingham                            
Nottingham UK NG8 1BB
Ph.: +44 07800749593                 


Editor's note:- the points raised by Sri Joshi have been noted for further action.


Dear Kanti Ballabh Ji:


Namashkar, I went through you website . It is a great website about Uttranchal. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Himanshu Pande. I am  based out of San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA for last 6 years working in IT industry. My family originally comes from Almora. I was born and brought up in Delhi, where my parents are settled now. We have been very close to the Kumaoni culture from our childhood as our mother follows all Kumaoni traditions. It was my love for Kumaon that prompted me to start a Global Online Community for all persons belonging to the Hills of Kumaon. Our website is called and the members interact through Yahoo Group  - Kumaon ( It is nice to know that there are many people who care about the Uttranchal and are contributing to our rich heritage and region






It's so beautiful that all i can say.....i will be in India in Nov



Richmond(VA),USA (East Cost)



Om namah Shivay. Nice to see your beautiful site, with love and light----
Swamiji Girimaharaji from Himalayas



Dear, Kanti Ballabh ji,


Nice to see a website like yours contributing towards Uttaranchal. Please donot think that you are alone in this. Our Uttaranchal Worldwide ( is always with you whatever help you need to achieve this common goal.



Good work, Jai Uttaranchal.






Mr. Pandey, Namashkar..


This is Vijay Kumar Thapliyal, sending this mail from Jakarta ( Indonesia). Basically I am from DehraDun.   I am here since last 4 yrs. Today while browsing sites on Garhwal ,I met your site. I felt really very happy to see your site. based on the information on Garhwal. My sincere good wishes for you and  your site.


warm regards..

Vijay Kumar Thapliyal


Pandey ji:
Mail ke lie bahut bahut dhanyawaad. Aap bahut achchha kaam kar rahe hain. Badhaaee.

Govind Singh

(Dr Govind Singh Kholia)



Dear Pandey ji,


          Namaskar. I was surfing and ran into your website. It is excellent and we are very proud of you. I recently made contact with one Himanshu Pandey who lives in San Jose, Do you know him? I think I found him on your web site. My spouse, who is also Kumaoni, and I live in Sacramento California. I too am retired and have lived in US for almost 40 years.  We are much interested in India and of course Kumaon. It is nice to communicate with you. We come to India every 5 years or so. Last we were there –last year. We stayed in Delhi only. Next time we come we would like to go to Almora, Jageshwar, Nainital.



Kamal Joshi


Dear Pandey Ji , Sadar Namasker ,


Pandey Ji maina  aaj site dakhee, jo mera ko bhut achee lagee, sabsa pahla site banana ka aap ko or aap kee team ko mera bhut-bhut dhyanabad.


Pandey Ji aaj mena aap ke site pure dakhee , site deakh kar apna  pahar kee bhut yaad ayee. Aap bhut achha kaam kar rahe hain, mara pura parivar ke taraf sa aap ko Badhaaee.


Bishan Singh Bisht

A- 101, Alaknanda Aptt.

TPS III, Borivali (W)


Ohooooooo Jai Golu Jew ,,,,

can express my pleasure while surfing the site ,,,its superb ....
really nice collection of diverse things ,,, i loved,,, and learnt a lot about kumaon,,,
thanx pandey jew  tumeyri jadu tarif kari jaoo kum chu ....
Isht dev sabuku khub barkat diyooo,,yayi kamna chu ...
hit-nu pai
tumar bhuli ,,sanjupahari (IIT Delhi) .....Jai Pahar ,,,,,Jai Golu......

U want get in touch with me ,,,,,,,,,,,,click here-------
Shailesh     Upreti
Research  Scholar
Deptt.Of Chemistry
IIT Delhi     N.D.-16

Dear Editor,

Nice to see your website. There are many places in Himalayas which are not known to most people. Please focus on those lesser known place. One such place is Mandakini Magpie Birdwatcher Camp in Kakragad in Kedarnath route , one and half kms before Kund ( the place where the road bifurcates , one leading to Ukhimath and another to Gourikund) .Its a beautiful place on the banks of Mandakini rivers a few metres away from the confluence of Mandakini and Akash Kamini Rivers.

The owner of the camp, Mr. Yashpal Singh Negi, is a nice human being with extensive knpwledge of trekk routes of Himalayas and birds of Himalayas. Hope everyone will enjoy the place.

Thanking you,

Saswati Ghosh
Barrackpore, Kolkata,West Bengal.


Mon, 3 Apr 2006

Dear Editor ,

Your site is excellent and I am getting lots of emails from different people who read my article Ruch Mahdev published by you. I am interested in sharing more of my traveling experiences in Himalayan region.  Your site is excellent, please keep it updated regularly.

Thanking you,

Saswati Ghosh.

04 Apr 2007

Editor's Note : We have published her traveling experiences of Ruch Mahadev and Kartikswami under Menu item 'Travelogue'.

Great site and very nice reference. This is by far the most information about Kumaon  I've seen on the internet. You can add social networking to this and can invite more communication, travel stories and blogs. Let me know if I can be of help. Also, please add a section on festivals.



21 Nov 2011

Hello Webmaster,

I visited your web site earlier today and firstly wanted to congratulate you on the appearance, excellent content and accessibility I discovered there. It is not often I come across a web site that offers such a positive user experience and great information too.


Neha Chopra


Good Day,

My name is Betsy Roxana, I have seen your WEB and I found a great site, really tricks have served me well and I learned things I never knew.


Betsy Roxana



Namstey sir big brother I am very happy to check  your site we are very proud of you.
Nice to see your beautiful site, with love and light.

 Harish Kumar Soniyal



Hello Webmaster,

I visited your web site earlier today and firstly wanted to congratulate you on the appearance, excellent content and accessibility I discovered there. It is not often I come across a web site that offers such a positive user experience and great information too.  I would very much like to have a link featured on your website