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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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Har-Ki-Doon - Trekker's Delight
Nanda Raj Jat
Valley of Flowers

Mysteries are more interesting then certainties.


                                     Ruskin Bond

Nanda Raj Jat
Valley of Flowers
Also called the land of Kauravas,  Har-Ke-Doon presents scintillating natural view and varied Alpine flora and fauna. It is a paradise for botanist, nature lovers,  bird watchers and trekkers. It is situated on the western part of Uttarkashi District  called Fateh Parvat and is separated by Tons or Tamsa river from Himmanchal Pradesh. 

This area is related with the epic Mahabharata. Legend is that Bhog Datt or Bhubruvahan a supporter warier of Kauravas died early in the battle but  wanted to see the whole battle. Shrikrishna placed his head on the top of a tree overlooking the war field. And so his helpless head watched losing Kauravas and tears shed by him made the river Tons or Tamsa and it's water is  still not used for drinking. Temples at Hanol and Masashu are famous  for  'Huna' style temples.

The route bifurcates from a town called Nowgoan on Dehra Dun  - Yamunotri route and   can be approached both from Dehra Dun and Uttarkashi. 

Town Height (Mt) KM Mode
Nowgoan 1372 0 Motor
Purola 1524 19 Motor
Mori 1130 35 Motor
Naitwar 1400 11 Motor
Sankari 1800 12 Motor
Taluka 1900 12 Trek
Osla 2559 9 Trek
Har-Ke-Doon 3566 8 Trek