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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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Haridwar  drives  its name from  Har or  Hari  (God)   and   Dwar  ( door ).  Although  there are alternative  entry points    ( Kathgodam ,   Kotdwar,  Ramnagar)  to   enter   into   the divine  land   of  Uttranchal   but   Haridwar, from  the   time  in  memorial  has been  the  gate - way     to       famous    shrines    of  Bardrinath,    Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri.    Every    twelve  years  Maha  Kumbh fair and after every six years Ardh Kumbh are held. Otherwise also  there is a   mini   Kumbh   everyday.   It   is   considered   holy   to    have     a   dip    in    Ganges    every    morning     and evening.    The   databases    maintained      by    Pandas      about      our    ancestors    visited Haridwar  may be a cause of      envy     for     today's     IT        Gurus. To immerse the ashes of   departed soul and to offer 'Pinda' to accentors at Haridwar is a tradition.  In the evening the Arti offered to Ganges by floating glittering earthen lamps in the river by devotees is worth watching.

   Shankaracharya Temple,   Navgarh Temple, Mansadevi, Chandi Devi  and   Neelashwar Temple, Saptrishi     Ashram,     Ramakrishna Mission,    Gurukul  Kangari    University are also worth visiting




  RISHIKESH Height- 340 Mt



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Rishikesh  is  the  abode  for  sages,  Sadhus,  Saints   and    inquisitive    yoga    disciples.    It    is  situated at trisection of three districts  viz   Dehradun,   Tehri and  Pauri    connected     by     old Laxman  Jhoola  (1939)  and    new   Ram   Jhoola  across  the Ganges. Here the adolescence    Bhagirathi    take    shape  of   a    matured   nourishing mother Ganges.  Rishikesh   is   full  of  Ashrams         and              Dharamshalas .      Modern    transcendental  meditation  center  of  Maharshi Yogi and Divine Life  Society  are  examples of perfect architectural design  and   facilities.  Swargashram ,     Geeta    Bhawan, Parmarth   Ashram , Bharat  Mandir etc.    are    other    famous  Ashrams. Lakshman Temple  and  Shatrughan Temples are also located nearby. 



Distance (KM)

Haridwar - 23 (Rail/Road)

Badrinath - 298 (Road)

Accommodation: Accommodation is available for all budgets. There are several Dharamshalas and Hotels both at Haridwar and Rishikesh. Swami Visudhananda also known as Baba Kali Kamli Wallah (he used only one a piece of black cloth to cover his body) had established several Dharamshalas at Haridwar and Rishikesh and at various places enroute Badarinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri to provide free boarding and lodging to poor pilgrim and Sadhus.

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