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God of Justice- Golu Devta



Ghorakhal Golu Temple

Golju or Golu devta is most reverted and worshiped God of kumaon region. The slogan ' Jai Golu Devta' may be seen almost in the front of all the taxis running in Kumaon region. It is worshiped in various forms thought out Kumaon. Also called Gollu, Golla, Hariya Gollu, Golju, Chamandhari Gollu, Dwah Gollu, Gorail, Doodadhari, Nirankar,  Ghughutiya Gollu , Goriya. He is said to be a incarnation of Bahirav devta. Legend is that a 7th Queen of childless king of Chand dynasty of Champawat gave birth to a child. Other jealous queens of the palace replaced the child with a stone and thrown the child in Gori river where a fisherman rescued and brought him up.As the child was found in river Gori hence called 'Goriya'. Once the king while on hunting trip saw a child with a wooden horse on the bank of Kali. He asked him what he was doing there. The Child replied that he was there to get his horse drink the water. Surprised king ask how a wooden horse can drink water. The child replied that if a queen can give birth to a stone, why his wooden horse can't drink water. The king impressed with his reply, enquired about the child and after knowing the story he brought him back to palace and declared him his successor. Later he ruled the Kingdom and provided justice to his subject . Golju is said to be the God of justice. He was a great warrior and his lore of bravery and justice are still sung by the local folk artisans during songs sung in fairs and jagar and baisi. Although every village of Kumaon have a temple of Golu but the original temples of Golu is said to be a Goluchaur Champawat.    Other famous temples are located at Chaura (Someshwar), Tarikeht (Ranikhet), Manila, Gagrigol (near Baijnath, Bageshwar), Chuthan (Ranibagh, Haldwani),Gairar and Chitai (Almora). People after failing to get justice from other channels used to send appeals in stamp papers to Golu and offer bells after they get the justice. The Golu Devta do justice and punishes the defaulter in several ways called 'Chetak'. The defaulter has to compromise with the victim by arranging a mutual Jagar and offering puja in the Golu temple. Several such appeals can be seen at Chitai and other Golu temples. The appeals can also be sent by post.