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Prominent Glaciers of Uttarakhand
Pindari Glacier


The glaciers are dynamic resources acting as natural reservoirs for supply of water to major river systems in Northern India with great potential of hydroelectric power generation. These Glaciers  play a significant role in the dynamics of the Indian monsoon, radiation balance due to snow/ice cover providing feedback mechanisms for advection water vapors from the surrounding oceans and for the very maintenance of seasonal cycles of the monsoon. Some glaciers are considered holy and sacred and others are visited for their sheer beauty and serenity.

Main Glaciers
Gangotri Surrounded by most of the Uttaranchal Himalayan peaks like Kedarnath, Mana, Meru, Sudarshan etc. Gangotri Glacier is the source of the holiest river  Ganges and is one of the largest Glacier in Himalayas. The glacier is easily approachable and the trekking distance is also easily manageable. There is motorable road upto Gangotri  and the glacier is 17 kilometers from there. The trek to the glacier is a visual treat.

On the way to Pindari Glacier

Nandadevi Situated at the base of Nandadevi Peak and divided into two parts viz South and North by Nandadevi massif. Spreading over some 19 kilometers, these glaciers are located in the Rishi Ganga catchment area.
Trisul At the base of Trisul peak.
Rishi Situated   adjacent   to both  Nandadevi glacier and thus called South Rishi and North Rishi Glacier.
Pindari Situated between Nandadevi and Nandakot peaks Pindari Glacier is one of the most easily accessible of all Himalayan Glaciers in which snow is precipitated from Nandadevi and other surrounding Peaks.
Lilam, Milam, Ralam, Kafni and Sundardhunga Are other Glaciers on the base of snow clad peaks and lot of small rivulets and brooks originates from these glaciers. Munsiyari and Joshimath are the base points for these Glaciers.