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Gangotri Approach Route


Gangotri can be approached from all parts of Uttaranchal. Roads from Dehra Dun, Rishikesh, Pauri meets at a place called Dobata 4 Kms ahead of Tehri town. The route to Yamunotri as well as Gangotri is the same up to a place called Dharasu.

Rishikesh 0 340 Nearest Rail Head.
Narendra Nagar 16 1067

Picturesque hill station once capital of Tehri. 9 Kms away Kunjapuri Goddess (family deity of Tehri dynasty) temple is situated on a hill top. This spot presents a closer view of Banderpoonch, Chaukhamba, Nandadevi and Trisul peaks. Fairs are also held during May and August.

Chamba      62 1534

It is a magnificent town presenting delightful view of Banderpoonch peak. From here a 55Km road leads to Mussoorie. 24 Km ahead on this road the  famous temple of Surkanda Devi is situated atop a hill. 

Dobata 80 770 Meeting point of roads
Dharasu 120 1080 Road to Yamunori bifurcates at this point.
Uttarkashi 146 1158 District Headquarters


150 1219

A 32 Km kuchha  track leads to famous Dodital lake a  paradise for bird watchers from here. Dodital is situated at a height of 3024 meters amidst the dense forest of Blue Pine, Deodar, Oak and Rhododendrons inhabited by rare wild animals and different kind of beautiful birds like Munal . Neelkanth , Chakor, Kingfishers etc. Fisheries famous for Himalayan Trout are located at a place called  Kalyani.

Maneri 156 1372

93 MW hydro project by diverting Bhagirathi into a 9 Km long tunnel.

Bhatwari 175 1677 Tehsil Headquarters
Gangnani 190 1982

Hot water springs

Sukhi 208 2744  
Jhala 215 2440  


221 2590

A   picturesque   spot  amidst  dense   Deodar Forest.  Mr.  Fredrick (Pahari)  Wilson impressed with the scenic  beauty of the place settled here and married a local folk. He introduced Appeals and bridges in the area. He also build a 1200 feet high  Jhoola Bridge across Jadganga at Bairon Ghati .  People were scared to cross the bridge and Pahari Wilson used to cross it on his horse. He is still revered as legend and it is said that the sound of gallop of his horse can still be heard on any full moon night.


234 2652

It was the last motor head till  the highest bridge of the world (103 meters ) was erected in 1985 at Bhairon Ghati. Previously  1 Km down and 2 Km up trek used to lead up to Bairon Ghati  through a suspension bridge to cross the Janhavi river. Earlier the suspension bridge built by Fredric Wilson was in use which is now distroyed.

Gangotri 224 3140