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Gangotri- the origin of Ganges


Do   not    pollute    the    streams    and     rivers......Do   not   use   soaps   and   detergents   in   running   water

The  story   of    Ganga,    from    her source  to  the sea, from  old times  to  the  new,  it   is  the   story of  India’s   civilization and culture of man, of the quest  of  the   mind   which   has  so occupied  India’s   thinkers,  of  the    richness   and   fulfillment  of  life  as well as its denial  and  renunciation, of ups and downs,  of  growth  and decay, of life and death.

                                           Jawaharlal  Nehru

Gangotri is situated  on the  both   banks  of  Ganges   (Bhagirathi)  amidst   dense  calm    and  quiet   Deodars  and   other conifers .  It is not the origin of Ganga. It is said that King Bhagirath  whom   60000  ancestors   were turned into  ashes  by the  curse  of  Kapila Muni,  meditated  at  this   spot  to bring Ganges on the earth  to  absolve them  from  their   sin  of   disturbing   the    sage.   The  stone  slab called   Bhagirath   Shila  is   still   there. Pleased  with  the  ‘tapasya’   of   King Bhagirarth, Ganges descended from the face of the Gangotri  Glacier,  16 Km  east  called  Gomukh.  Thus   till    Devprayag   Gages  is also called Bhagirathi. Ganges  is  the  most revered  river  of  India and considered to be  holy    by   every    Indian.    It’s    water    has medicinal    properties   as   no    fungal   or  bacterial  contamination  takes  place even  kept for long duration. This characteristics  makes  Ganges distinct and  unique  from  other   rivers  of    the  world.  Ganges   is worshiped at Gangotri as a Goddess as well as a River. 
Ganges is the life line of India. It is also a symbol of  National  integrity  as it is  revered alike all over India . On the banks of Ganges major cities are located and the story of Ganges is the story of development of our civilization and culture. The   original  temple   was   built   by   Gurkha General,  Amar  Singh  Thapa.  He  donated the whole  scratch  of  land from  Mocha village to Gangotri  for  the  expenses  of  the  temple and appointed   the   Pundits   of   Mukhwa   as   the priests  of    Gangotri.  Administration   of   the Gangotri     Town   and   temple   is  run   by   a Committee consisting of Government officials, local Pradhans and Saints. 



Gauri Kund 

At this spot the Ganges falls from height in the the kund as if she is descending from the  hair coils of Lord Shiva, indeed a beautiful sight.

Devghat Peaks

Presents a splendid view of a group of peaks named as Ganga Mandir, Brahma and Sankaracharya with Shivling on one side. A small rivulet named Dev Ganga flows and meets Ganges.





It is a 16 Km trek from Gangotri that passes through splendid  Chirbasa (blue pine forest) and Bhojbasa (Bhojpatra forest). Most of the peaks of central Himalayas (Kedarnath Peak, Meru Parbat, Sudarshan Parbat, Mana Peak etc) surround the Gangotri Glacier percolating ice all the time from all the corners. It is said that Ganges after descending from the hair coils of Lord Shiva divided into seven streams in order to control her force. These streams, brooks and rivulets are named as Bhagirathi, Janhavi, Bhilengana, Mandakini, Rishiganga, Saraswati and Alakhnanda originating from these mountains and meet Bhagirathi at different places. The holy Ganges originates from the Gomukh (mouth) of 4255 meter high 27 Kms long and 7 Kms wide Gangotri Glacier. 

Important information

Height 3042 Mts
Rishikesh 235 Km
Opening Mid May
Closing Oct/Nov after Diwali
Ph Temple Committee +91-9411184338
Approach  Route