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Folk Arts of Kumaon

Kumaoni     song    ‘Beru    pako     bara masa,   Kafal   pako  chaita’  is       world  famous       and       still       played        at Buckingham   Palace   on      ceremonial     occasions.

Folk songs and dances are performed on every ceremonies (Childbirth, Upnayan, Marriage etc) and embedded in the life of Kumaon. Auspicious and devotional songs are sung to invite various gods to be present on the occasion. Beside these ceremonial songs, folks use to sing and dance for recreational purposes too. There are lot of forms of dance and songs which are performed on various occasions and fairs. Both men and women take part in these dances. Jhora,  Chapeli   and Chanchari  are  group songs and dances  whereas  Bhagnola  is  a  solo  and   Jod   is   a   duet  in   which   two persons    ask        and      reply       each        other      impromptu   and spontaneously.   Love    story  of Rajula    and   Malusahi , Nature, contemporary topics, social evils  and  heroic deeds of Warriors are  topics of songs.

The genesis of   cooperative    is   inherited     in    Hurkia   Bol   in   which    hard jobs like plantation and   weeding out  of     paddy     fields    are   done  collectively.   A    Hurkiya  plays  Hurka   and   sing   devotional songs  in praise    of   local   Gods   and   seeking    blessings     for   good   harvest.   Rest   of  workers  mostly   women  follow the   last    line  in  long  tune making  the  arduous     task    easier.   Of course   the   owner has   to   feed them rich food twice.  Various form of songs  and  dances  are   performed during various festivals and ceremonial occasions. Village folks used to keep on singing  while  collecting fire  wood  and  fodder  from  the jungle. 

 Choliya  is  a  martial  art  form  of   dance  which  is performed on the  occasion of  marriages and fairs.  Two or more   persons   holdings   Shield in one hand    and    Sword    in   another  presents    various    attack    and   defense   tricks   and  traps and acrobatics  on  the tune   of   Dhol,   Damau,  Ransingh   and   Turahi   (ethnic instruments).