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Champawat District

Said  to  be  the  land  of  Ghatochkatch  (son of Hidimba and   Bhim  ),  Golu  (Lord of land) and Chamu Devta (Lord of Live Stock), Champawat      district     was  carved     out in 1997  from Pithoragarh district, bordering Nepal in the east, Nainital  in the west,  Udamsingh  Nagar  in  the south and Almora and  Pithoragarh in the north.     Famous    temple    of      Goddess Punyagiri   situated on a hilltop  and  is visited  by millions of  devotees  in the month of March/April, famous Sikh pilgrim Reetha Sahib , Gorakhnath Ki Dhuni, ancient temple of Golu Devta at Golchaur are located in the district. Tanakpur (Rail head) and Lohaghat are other towns in the district.
Champawat Town
Height 1670  Mt
STD Code 05965
Pithoragarh 76 Km
Almora 144 Km
Nainital 160 Km
Delhi 408 Km
Ranikhet 188 Km
Kathgodam (Rail Head) 165 Km
Tanakpur (Rail Head) 75 Km
SBI with ATM Yes
Petrol Pump Yes
Champawat was the first capital of Chand Rajas and is now district headquarters. Historical Rajbunga Fort and   Baleshwar    temple   are   of     archaeological importance.      Ancient      temples     of        Nagnath, Ghtochkatch  and  Hidimba  are  other  sites  to  visit. Lohaghat (13 Km)  and  Abott  Mount  with  beautiful slopes and  landscape  presents  panoramic view of  whole   350 Km central  Himalayas  with  dense  pine, deodar forest , orchards  and chi  miring  birds in the background.   

Important Places

Place KM Details
Mayawati Ashram


Attracted by the  splendid   natural  beauty, facinating view of Himalayas  and calm    and     quietude     environment,    Swami Vivekananda   established  Advaita  Ashram in 1898 and shifted the publication office of 'Prabuddh Bharat' from Madras to Mayawati.

Reetha Sahib


Guru Nanak meditated and had discussions with 'Gorakhpanthi' Sadhus en-route  Kailash-Mansarover with his disciple Bala and Mardana. Legend is that one day some visitors came and asked for some food and the Sadhu dclined saying that they don't have any thing to offer. They went to Guru Nanak who pointed to the nearby Reetha (Soap Nut) Trees and the visitors enjoyed the sweet fruits. Still some of the  Reetha (Soap Nut) Trees  yields  sweet  nuts  instead  of usual bitter nuts. The Gurudwara was constructed in 1960 at the confluence of Lodhiya and Ratiya rivers,  near village Deyuri.

Vanasur Fort 20 Situated at an elevation of 1860 Mt, legend is that  Doamn Vanasur was assassinated at this spot. Lohawati river originates from this place.





Devidhura  is  famous  for   Goddess Barahi  temple  and huge  stones said to be used by Pandavs for playing ball games. During Bagwal  fair (August), rival  group  still play the  game by  throwing  stones against each other.  By  the grace  of Devi no one is hurt. The idol of Goddess is locked in a box round the year and it is opened only once in the year on this day to give her a bath and worship. No one is allowed to see the idol. The priest open the box by covering his eyes with a dark cloth and give her a bath. Once a daring person tried to see in the box with open eyes to reveal the truth but he became blind and could not see the idol. The person is still alive in the village. Priests who touched the idol say that it feels very soft like body of a child.  Jim Corbett's story 'Temple Tiger' is related to this temple.

Punyagiri Temple 88 At a height of 3000 mts. above sea level,  20 kms. from Tanakpur, 171 kms. from Pithoragarh  Purnagiri also known as Purnagiri  temple is visited throughout the year by  devotees   from all parts   of  the country,   particularly during Chaitra Navratri in the month of March  - April.  From here the river Kali descends into the plains and is known as Sharda.  From the highest point (the temple) of Purnagiri hill the pilgrim can have a grand view of the expanse of Kali, its islands, the township of Tanakpur and a few Nepali villages.




57 Situated at the confluence of river Kali and Saryu on  Nepal border is famous for the temple of Chaumu (The lord and protector of of live stock) A dam is also being constructed.