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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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Chamoli District


Nanda Raj Jat originates from a Temple in Nauti Village and passes  through Pindar valley upto Roop Kund.

      Next Nanda Raj Jat will be held in 2013.

Chamoli   District   shares   its    borders    with Bageshwar Rudraprayag  and Tehri   districts besides  International  border  with China.  It  is play   ground   of  river   Alakhnanda    and   it's tributaries.  Badrinath   Dham  and  Adi   Badri, Bridha Badri and Vavishya Badri; Karanprayag, Nandprayag and Visnhuprayag are located in the district. Roop Kund, Auli, Bedini Bugyal and Nandadevi     Wild   Life    Sanctuary   are    also located in the district. 

Chamoli town is a small Helmut on the bank of Alakhnanda. The district headquarters is situated at  Gopeshwar a newly developed township 10 Km away. Alternative  Kedarnath route via Ukhimath meets here.  8 Km ahead, Birahi on the confluence of Birahi Ganga and Alakhnanda is famous for trout fishes.
Height 1069 Mt
STD Code 01373
Badrinath  96 Km
Kedarnath 147 Km
Rishikesh  202 Km
Places of Interest
Place  Km  Mt Attractions
Gopeshwar 10 1308 Headquarters              of  Chamoli   district.     An ancient  massive temple of   Shiva   with  a  large Trident     having    old inscriptions. Journey to Kedarnath via Ukhimath can be  undertaken from here.  
Karanprayag 53 790 Situated at confluence of  Alakhnanda  and  Pinder rivers. It is said that Karna pleased Sun   and got the impregnable  shield here. Temple  of Uma  Devi  is also situated. Nanda Raj Yatra also originates from a nearby Nauti village.  Adibadri temple complex is situated nearby.


70 1830 On the border of Bageshwar and Chamoli and situated between dense forest of Deodar and Oak, presents a closer and exotic view of Trisul  and other Peaks.


Gairsen 104 1836 Named after Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali, it is proposed Capital of Uttarakhand. A decision on the matter is to be taken. Siuated in the center of Uttarakhand, this tiny town is situated in the gradual hill slops surrounded by dense forest providing rejuvenating fresh and cool air andl water. Lack of infrastructure is the main argument behind not shifting Capital to Gairsen otherwise it the best suited location for the capital of UK.  Few hotels are available.



Large area of flat land very unusual in the hills. It is being used as Air Strip. Pt  Nehru landed here in 1938.



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  1890 Jyotirmath or  Joshimath is  among one of  the four  Maths  founded  by Adi    Guru    Shankaracharya. The beautiful skiing slopes of Auli are situated 7 Kms away which  is also linked by Ropeway. Auli is considered the best  skiing slope in Asia. Garhwal Mandal Vikash Nigam Ltd runs skiing courses here. Presents panaromic view of  Nanda Devi  Hathipavat, Neelkanth, Comet and other peaks.