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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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There was a land slide at Sumgarh village on 18-08-2010 in which 18 small children of a school lost thier lives. We pay our heartful condolences to the departed solus.


Listen to the night wind in the trees,

Listen to the summer grass singing;

Listen to the time that's tripping by,

And the dawn dew falling.

Listen to the moon as it climbs the sky,

Listen to the pebbles humming;

Listen to the mist in the trembling leaves,

And silence calling.

                                                      Ruskin Bond



Bageshwar District

Bageshwar    district (the smallest district of Uttaranchal)   craved   out  of  Almora district    is   a   combination    of   fertile valleys  of  Gomati   and  Saryu  rivers and their

 tributaries, beautiful   hill   stations   like  Kausani   and  most  easily    accessible   Glaciers    like   Pindari   and Kafani.    Katyur (Kartikeypur)   was  once capital of   famous Katyuri  Kings.   Kharahi is famous for it’s   copper  wares   and   Magnesium  mines are located   at   Jhiroli.     At  Borgoan (5 KM) India’s first water operated Spinning Wheel  factory still produces    quality    Charkhas.    Girechina   top famous for Chalk Stone presents a spectacular view of whole central Himalayas.


Swayambhu (Self appeared) temple of Shiva called Bagnath is situated on the confluence of Saryu and   Gomti between Neeleshwar and Bheleshwar hills .    Inscription    of     archeological interest    on    stone    slabs dating back to 8th Century Katyuri dynasty. Guru Nanak Dev while pilgrimage to mount Kailash rested under a Peepal Tree which is still called 'Guru ka Peepal'. In 1921 about 40000 people   took  a  vow  against   Coolie  Begar System (a bounded labor system) and British regime  had  to  bow down .The  system  was abolished with in 3 days without any violence. Mahatma  Gandhi   visited  in  1929  for  thank giving    and     founded     Swajaj   Mandir  in association with Victor Mohan Joshi. 

   The       biggest       commercial          fair     of Uttarancahl     is   held    on    the     eve     of    Uttarayani   on     Makara   Sankranti (Jan 13-14) Fairs are also held on  auspicious  occasions  of  Shivrathri, Holi,   Baisakh    Purnima,    Ganga    Deshra,   Janmashtmi  and  Kartik   Purnima.   Base   point  for   Kailash   Mansarovar, Pindari,  Milam    Glaciers.   Also  famous   for Woolen goods and Copperwares.

Baba Lokenath Dham (The Abode of Baba Lokenath), is situated on a hill top.  Inside the Temple, one can feel  the living presence of Baba Lokenath. A big Shiva Lingam from Narmada, called Narmadeshwara adore the temple. Sitting at the feet of Baba and Shiva, mind  spontaneously becomes thoughtless and  feeling of  ecstatic meditation happens without any of effort.

Kathgodam (Rail Head) 161  Km
Delhi 430 Km
Almora    80 Km 
Ranikhet 97  Km
Pithoragarh 150 Km 
S T D Code 05964
Height    1100 (Mt)






Sage Kausika performed tapashya at Kausani. Presents most exotic  and  panoramic   view  of   whole  337 Km snow    clad   Peaks     of     central        Himalayas particularly at sun raise.   Mahatma Gandhi    completed    his    book   ‘Anashakti Yog’  and  wrote it’s preface  here.   Birth    place    of    poet   of  tender  love  and nature Pt.  Sumitra Nandan  Pant. Once famous for Tea Gardens during post independence era and now mostly inhabited by Ex-Service men.  Temple of Pingnath is situated at a hill top at a distance of 7 Kms where a fair is held on Kartik Purnima (Oct/Nov).


   Miss Katherine  Marry popularly known   as    Sarla       Bahen    established    an    Ashram (Laxmi    Ashram)           for uplift   of  women  folk.   She devoted  her   whole life  for  the service of   hill folks  and  wrote several books on ecology and environment.



16 1126 Capital of Katyuri Kings on the bank of Gomati river. Temple complex with beautiful carvings dating  back  to  12th  Centuary. According to Skandh Purana, Lord Shiva and Parvati were married here. A beautiful full size idol of Parvati adore the main temple. Laxami Narain temple is other important temple.
Kot Ke Mai 22 1250

 Kote-ke-mai, the Bhramari Devi temple is situated with in a fort on a hill top. Adi Guru Shankaracharya stayed here during his journey to Garhwal region. During Nanda Raj Jat, the Goddess is taken in a procession to merge with main Yatra at Nandkesari on the bank of Pinder river. A fair is held on Nanda Ashtami in Aug/Sept.

Gananath 24 1800

A   calm  and  quiet  place famous  for  ancient  Cave Temples  of  Lord  Shiva. Temple of Goddess Mallika on a hill top and Vinayaka  are also located nearby. During Gorkha period it was a cantonment of Gorkha Army and British Army captured it after the famous battle with Gorkha General Hasti Dal.   



55 1900 A picturesque place presents exotic view of majestic Himalayas. It is said that Pandava and Kauravas engaged in the battle here. Buses are available from Baijnath to Jakhera and a 20 Km trek passes through lush green forest.