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Route to Badrinath

Important Spots

Badrinath Dham can be approached from all corners of Uttaranchal. Rishikesh, Kotdwara, Kathgodam and Ramnagar are nearest railway stations. Karanprayag in Chamoli district is the meeting point of all routes.

Places Height (Mt) Km Importance


795 0 One  of  the    five   Prayags  (Dev Prayag,  Rudra  Prayag,   Nand Prayag, Vishnu Prayag and Keshav Prayag being other four) is situated at the confluence of Alakhnanda and Pinder rivers, Karna (the 6th Pandav Brother) meditated here and got the divine impregnable Shield. Temple of Uma Devi and Karna are also located.
Nand Prayag 914 22 A     picturesque    town   at    the confluence of Alakhnanda and Nandakini rivers.
Chamoli 1069 32 A   town on the banks of Alakhnanda              9 Km    ahead of  District headquarters      Gopeshwar.    An alternative   route   to Kedarnath is available via Ukhimath.
Pipalkoti 1311 49 Located in a green valley and has clean Eating joints.
Garura Ganga 1372 54 Situated on the bank of a rivulet of same name.   It is said    that   Lord Badrinath left his carrier the Garura at this spot.  Garura being the  arch enemy  of  the snake, it is   believed that pebbles and stones of this river carry antidote properties.
Helang 1524 66 There   is   a   9  Km   bridle  trek  to Kalpeshwar cave temple one of the five Kedars  situated between the beautiful surroundings of Urgam valley.


1890 80 Jyotirmath or  Joshimath is  among one of  the four  Maths  founded  by Adi    Guru    Shankaracharya.    He meditated  here at a cave under  a  huge   Kalpa  Brikshya (Mulberry Tree) said  to  be 2400 years old which is still standing atop the cave and wrote his   famous  Shankara    Bhasya before embarking on his quest for the revival of Hinduism.  Several temples are located at and around Joshimath and Narsingh Mandir and Durga Mandir are famous. During winter Puja is offered to Lord Badrinath at Narsingh Mandir. A fair is held during Dashera. It is said that the Jay and Vijay mountains above Vishnu Prayag will collapse at the end of Kalyug and the Lord Badrinath will reappear at a place called Vabhishya Badri 17 Kms ahead in Niti valley. The beautiful skiing slopes of Auli are situated 7 Kms away and is also linked by Ropeway. It is last market on the way to Badrinath and good hotels and eating joints are also located here. From here a raod leads to Tapovan (7 Km) and further to Niti and Malari. Tapovan is a picturesque place with hot water springs.

Vishnu Prayag


1372 90 Vishu Prayag is among one of the five Prayags on the confluence Of Alakhnanda and Dhauli Ganga. A Hydro Electric project is under construction to generate power.

Govind Ghat

1829 100 Visitors    destined    for   Valley  of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib cross the  Alakhnanda    at this point to take a bridle path.
Pandukeshwar 1840 108 Ancient temple of Yogdhyan Badri having Archaeological importance for scripts on Copper plates.
Hanuman Chatti 2286 113 A  calm  and  quiet   place  between Deodar  Trees with  panoramic view of peaks and A Hanuman temple.
Dev Dharshani 3101 126 First sight of Badrinath shrine and view Of snow clad peaks.

Badrinath Dham


Important Spots
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