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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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Important Spots

Tapta Kund

 0 A pleasant and refreshing hot water bath before the Darshan of the Lord Badrinath. The hot water spring originates from Garura Shila.
Narad Kund 0 It is the Kund from where Adi Guru Shankaracharya retrieved the idol of Lord Badrinath. It is said that several idols are still lying in the Kund.
Panch Shilas 0 Five huge stone boulders are located around Tapta Kunda. It is believed that Narad Shila, Garura (carrier) Shila and Markandeya Shila were used for meditation by the sages of same name. Incarnations of Lord Vishnu namely Narsingh (half human and half lion) and Barah (boar) are said to be present in the of Shilas of same name and shape.
Brahma Kapala 0 In order to ensure a permanent seat in the heaven for ancestors, Shradh ceremony is performed here.
Panch Dharas 1-2 Five streams named as Prahalad, Kurma, Urvashi, Bhrigu and Indira originate from the Neelkanth, Nar and Narain peaks.
Sesha Netra 1 A shape of one eye of Sesha Naga (King Cobra) is engraved upon a huge stone.
Urvashi Temple 2 Temple dedicated to Urvashi.
Charan Paduka 2 Said to be imprints of foot prints of Lord Vishnu.
Mana Village 3 It is last Indian village on Tibet border inhabited by local tribes called Marchhas erstwhile traders with Tibet. The people of this village are associated with the various activities and ceremonies of Badrinath Dham and Mata Murti Mandir.
Mata Murti Mandir 4 A small temple opposite Mana Village on the bank of Alakhnanda belongs to the mother of the Lord. Doors of  the temple   remains  closed except for one day when Lord visits his mother in the month of Aug-Sep. A fair  is  held   to  offer  Pujas   among    festive atmosphere.
Vyas Gupha 5


There are  several  caves  at  and   around    Mana village. Legend is that Sage Maharshi Vyas dictated his   great   epic    Mahabharta   to   his   Secretary Ganeshji at a cave called Vyas Gupha.

Bhim Pul



A huge boulder said to be laid by Bhima as a bridge   to cross the river

Vasudhara Falls 8 The  122   meters  high  Vasudhara  Falls  present spectacular  view  of   showering  water  streams swinging on the tune of winds with majestic Peaks looking around.
Laxami Van 12 Dense forest of Bhoj Patra (Brich Tree).  Bark  of  these  trees were used for writing scriptures in ancient times
Alkapuri 15 Origin of Alakhnanda river.  Located at the base of  Balkun  peak and  said to  be capital of Kuber, the Treasurer of Gods.
Chakra Tiratha 21 A splendid landscape  between  Nar  and  Narain peaks with several icy springs flowing down the Meadows.

Satopanth Lake and Swargarohini


It is a triangular lake at a height of 4402 Meters with 1 KM perimeter and yawning  Glaciers around. It is said that the Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are meditating on three corners of the lake.


Swargarohini means   path  to  Heavens   which  was   used   by Pandavas. It is an inaccessible seven stepped peak believed to be used by  Pandavs for ascending to heaven.   It  is  said that all  Pandavs  and  Dropadi perished   during  this   arduous   journey  except   Yudhistira   the  eldest  brother  who  was  able  to reach the Heavens . However, the faithful Dog was there with him till last.