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Alpana the art of decoration

Aipen  or    Alpana    is    a  folk     art practiced   by   women   of    Kumaon    since   ancient   times   to decorate the Doors (Daili), Place of Gods, Chauki and Ceremonial   Spots  with  the  help   of  lines,  dots   and    curves.     Different drawings and  figures are  drawn    according   to  canvas  and  occasion. Basudhara,  Swastik,   Puja   Chuki, Saraswati  Peeth,     Laxami     Peeth,    Vishnu Peeth, Shiv  Peeth, Shiv-Shakti Peeth are some form of Aipen. Aipen decoration is first step towards any ceremony.

During Depawali, special decorations are made and inward imprints of foot steps of Laxami (Goddess of waelth) are made to guide her into the house.

Locally available red soil and grinded liquid rice are  the  only   two  ingredients used  to   create beautiful drawings and figures.  The drawings have to conform to the strict syntax, rules   and   discipline.   The   perfection  of these drawings drawn with bare fingers (generally the little finger) can be  a point of envy for users of  CorelDraw    Software.   This    folk    art     is    handed      over       by    mothers     to    daughters  with out  any   formal  training.  The womenfolk    of   Kumaon   are practicing such artistic  jobs regularly   and    religiously   since generations   without  expectation   for  any remuneration ,  fame and without any patronage and encouragement from any quarter.

Bindu Aipen, Jyonti Pattas, Thape, Dikara are also other forms of Alpna which are painted on different occasions