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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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Almora - Important Local Spots


Local temples Church and Masjids




Nandadevi Mandir,   Lakshmeshwar Mandir,  Asth    Bhairav    Mandir,    Navdurga    Mandir, Badrishwar    Mandir,      Raghunath     Mandir, Tripurasundari    Mandir,    Khagmara      Kote  ,Muralimanohar  Mandir, Ratneshwar   Mandir, Ulkadevi         Mandir,        Hanuman         Mandir  Kamlashwar  Mandir, Ram Shila temple complex. Methodish   Church,  Jama Masjid, Mazars of Saint Hussain Ali Shah and Sayad Kammalludin alias Kalu Sayad and Gurudwara

Site seeing and Himalayan  view  0-5  Vivekananda Shila, G B Pant Museum, Deer Park,       Kalimath,     Kasar      Devi,     Simtola, Dolidanda, Brighting End Corner. Swami Vevekananda meditated at a cave at Kasardevi.
Pt. G B PANT GOVT MUSEUM 0 Sculptures, terracotta's, paintings, woodwork, coins and other instruments, local arts & crafts,  and Boshi Sen`s personal collection, miniature paintings, manuscripts, beads, other items like textiles, ivory copper plates, musical instruments etc have been displayed.

God of Justice Golu Deveta of Chetai


6    Golu  devta  is  most  revered  and worshiped deity.  Golju was a warrior of  8th century who fought injustice despite many odds. During Jagar stories  of  his  bravery  are  still  sung.     The  temple is  situated  between  dense  pine forest.   Appeals  on  stamp/ plain  paper   are tagged around  by the  persons  subjected to unjust. Thousands  of big and small  bells  are tied around  the  temple  in  token of  gratitude and acknowledgements from devotes who got justice or their  wishes  were  fulfilled.  Golju  receives  several  appeals   by  post  also.

Rock Paintings

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5-12 Rock   painting   of    pre-historic civilization.   Such  rock   paintings   are located at Lakhuudyar, Phalsema, Phakanauli, Kasardevi, Kaffarkote and Lwathap. Most of these sposts are located on the bank of Suyal river on Almora-Barechina road.

Kasar Devi

6 Kasar Devi is situated on the pine-covered Crank’s Ridge or Hippie Hill,   is a great spot for spending long hours in quiet solitude, as it has a magnificent view of the Himalayas. Swami Vivekananda used to meditate here. Writer D. H. Lawrence spent two summers here. It is also home of Govind Lama and his wife Lee Gautami. It has also attracted Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens and Timothy Leary, the father of the hippy movement. Still a small community of ex-hippies settled here.