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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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After having been nearly three weeks in Almora hills, I am more than ever amazed why our people need go to Europe in search of Health.


                                                           Mahatma Gandhi


        Almora-Town of Temples

Almora district is the most  populated  district of  Uttarakhand after Udhamsingh Nagar , Haridwar and Dehradun surrounded by Pauri, Chamoli, Nainital, Bageshwar, Champawat and Pithoragarh districts. Well   brightly laid villages with stone houses are located on beautiful hill slopes dotted with pine and oak jungles, stepped fields and scintillating view of Peaks  spanning about 7000 square Km. Colorful valleys of  Saryu, Gomati, Koshi, Gagash and Suyal are located  in the lap of nature presenting varies flora and fauna. Some of the famous tourist places like Ranikhet and Kausani are located in the district. 

Almora Town


Founded by King Kalyan Chand in 1563 and better   known  as   Cultural    Capital    of  Kumaon,   Almora    town    is   situated  on  a  horse  back shaped   ridge     between   Kausiki  (Kosi)  and Salmali (Suyal)  rivers  and    protected   by    three   Goddesses namely    Bindra   (Banadi),        Shyama (Shyahi)   and  Kasardevi  from  three  hill tops was the  capital   of   Chand  Dynasty,  Gorkhas    and    British   for    Kumaon  Division   including    Garhwal.       Swami Vevekananda,   renowed dancer   Udai Shankar   (elder  brother   of  Pt   Ravi Shankar),  Pt Nehru, Tagore, famous writer  D H Lawrence, father of the Hippy movement Timothy Leary, singer Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens, German   Philosopher  and Buddhist Govind Lama and his painter wife Lee Gautami, scientist Bosi Sen, film actor Guru Datt and Zohra Sehgal had been very found of Almora.  Several leaders including Nehru (twice), Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan, Acharya Narendra Dev were imprisoned in local jail during freedom struggle.


 Sir Ronal Ross who was awarded the Noble Prize for Medicines in 1902 was born at Almora in 1857 to a Army General.


Almora  is     a  delight  for   trekkers.     Unlike other hill stations, Almora is seldom covered with fog. Hence the dry and cool  climate is considered excellent for many chronic diseases. 

Almora   is  also birth  place of several famous Freedom Fighters, Politicians, Intellectuals, Technocrats,  Bureaucrats, Astrologers, Poets, writers and even magicians (Prof K C Pande). Almora town is famous for its Ponds, Brooks   (Naula  and Dhara,    natural sources of water)   and Temples. The number of ponds is said to be 360.  Most  of them since been  dried off  but  few  are    still    providing   continuous   pure  drinking   water.  It   is  also famous for stone sheet  covered  bazaars and streets,  local   made  copper   wares,  woolen   goods and special  sweets  called   Bal Mithai    and Sighgori  wrapped   in   Malu   leaf keeping it fresh with a natural fragrance. Almora is also famous for  Woolens and Copper Wares.

Height 1646  Mt
Kathgodam (Rail Head)  86  Km
Delhi 380  Km
Nainital 65  Km
Dehra Dun  300  Km
Pithoragarh 114  Km
Bageshwqar 79  Km
Champawat  144  Km
S T D Code  05962
Latitude  29   58 '
Longitude 79   65'

 Sunset from Almora


How to reach: Nearest Airport is Pantnagar (127 KM). Kathgodam (90 KM) is the nearest Railway Station and trains are available from Delhi, Lucknow, Agra and Calcutta. Buses also ply from Delhi, Haridwar , Nanital and Dehra Dun. Taxis are available from Kathgodam and Nanital.

Accommodation: Hotels for all budgets are available.

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