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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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Shoot nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time, leave nothing but footprints.....Jim Corbett

Nanda Raj Jat
Valley of Flowers

Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...

                                  Lord Kipling.

Adventure in Uttaranchal

Nanda Raj Jat
Valley of Flowers


Be light and always keep with you:-

  • Candle, matchbox and torch.  

  • Multipurpose Knife. 

  • First-Aid material.

  • A nylon rope.

  • A wind/water proof

  • Sun glasses and cap.

  • Sufficient warm clothing. 

Facilities are available for organized tour, trekking, white river rafting, kayaking,  skiing  mountaineering, jeep safaris, wild life safaris , fishing , cycle tours, aero-sports, rock climbing, yoga and meditation etc. 

Trekking   and   adventure has   been associated   with   the   pilgrimage  of  divine shrines of   Uttaranchal from   ancient   times.    Pandavas     took    the    adventurous    route    of Himalayas for their last journey.  Uttaranchal has been   endowed   with     variety   of      terrain, meadows glaciers,    slopes,   rivers  &   lush green   valleys. There are lot of options from short and easy to high altitude glacier excursions. Pindari, Milam, Namik, Sunderdhuga, Gomukh glaciers are ideal trekking routes. Auli   slops   are  rated  among the  best  for skiing.   Mudali,  Dayara  Bugyal, Munsyari,  Bedini Bugyal etc are also provide skiing slopes. Valley of flowers, Curzon Trail, Kush Kalyani trek, Rudugaria trek and Hemkund Sahib, Har-ke-Doon  present     fascinating  opportunities   to  trekkers.    Wild life sanctuaries provide ample opportunities for Jungle Safaris. 

Bhagirathi , Alakhnanda , Kali, Tons and Saryu  rivers   provide   ample challenges    to  White   River Rafters.  Rishikesh is called rafting capital of India. Rafting season on Ganges is only between October and April. Wild-life enthusiasts  may   enjoy    the   Jim   Corbett  National Park  and   Nanda Devi Sanctuary     whereas   more adventurous may take a trek to Dodital, Pindari, Sunderdhunga   or Milam Glaciers. Har - Ke -Doon , Munsyari and  Doon Valley are  paradise  for  bird watchers and nature lovers.