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Welcome to land of Gods......  ...........Who goes to the Hills, goes to his Mother...Lord Kipling.........
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Deep in the crouching mist, lie the mountains.

Climbing the mountains are forests of rhododendron, spruce and deodar.

Trees of God, we call them- soughing  in the wind from Kumaon and Garhwal.

                                Ruskin Bond

Important Facts and districts of Uttaranchal   


He    who   thinks   of    the   Himalayas, tough he    should  not behold them, is greater   than   he  who  performs   all  the worships in Kashi.


                                    Skanda Purana 

The Himalayas   are   one  of   the  youngest mountains of  the world.  It is  a semi- circular  arc   of   mountains    crowning     the       Indian       peninsula       presenting   spectacular   system    of   peaks,   rivers, valleys  and flora &  fauna.  Its  linear  distance  is  about  3000  Km from Naga Parbat in the west (Pakistan) to Namche Barwa in the east (Aruranchal Pradesh)    and    width   varies    from   325  Km   to 425 Km.  Mount Avrest (29028 Ft) is the highest  peak in the world. It  is shed   for    many   river   systems    such   as  Sindhu,  Gangetic,  Brahmputra  etc. and  can be  divided  into  sub-divisions:-

  •   Kashmir Himalayas               

  •   Himanchal Himalayas 

      Uttranchal Himalayas            

  •  Nepal and Bhutan Himalayas 

  •  Aruranchal Himalayas  


 It  Is the  most   fascinating   and    beautiful   part  of   the Himalayas    and   provide    water  shed    for   Gangetic River   System   spanning  from  Satluj   in   the west  to  Kali  river in the east. Nanda Devi (25640 Ft) is the second highest peak in India after Kanchanjunga (28160 Ft). Dunagiri, Neelkanth, Chukhamba, Panchachuli, Trisul are other peaks above 23000 Ft. It is considered abode of Devetas, Yakashyas, Kinners, Fairies and Sages . They all are present here on glittering peaks, roaring rivers , beautiful  hills  slopes  and  valleys  in one or another form.

From    time    immemorial    Uttranchal  has   been   the    destination   of    sages  and    intellectuals      seeking    spiritual     attainment.    Holy     shrines,     mountains,   glaciers,   rivers,  meadows   and  colorful  valleys are always  visited  and  admired   alike   by   thousand  of   pilgrims ,  tourists    and    trekkers,    thinkers        and   philosophers,  poets and artist et all. It is the  Land of  Gods  ( Devbhumi )    blessed with splendid natural beauty, diverse mixture of races  and   cultures and rich flora &  fauna.   It   has   to  offer   something  for everyone. Of course it has to be seen and felt. 
Uttarakhand the 27 state of India
Creation date 09-November-2000
Capital (Privisional) DEHRA DUN
Total Area 53,483 Sq. Km.
Longitude 77 34' E to 81 02' E
Latitude 28 43' N to 31 27' N
Population 8.48 Million
Lok Sabha Seats <<Click for details>>
Rajya Sabha Seats <<Click for details>>
Assembly Seats 70<<Click for details>>
Agricultural Land 46%
Forest and Barren Land 54%
Literacy Rate 71.62%
Prominent Institutes
G.B. Pant Agriculture University  Pantnagar
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
Kumoun University Nainital
H.N. Bahuguna University Srinagar
Indian Veterinary Research Institute Mukteshwar
Engineering College Dwarahat
Engineering College Pauri
Indian Military Academy Dehra Dun
Gurukul Kangri University Haridwar
Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering Uttarkashi

G.B. Pant Institute Of Himalayan Environment and Development 

Katarmal  (Almora)
Dehra Dun


Pantnagar,  Nainisain (Pithoragarh),

Jolly Grant (Dehra Dun)


Railway Stations

Dehra Dun,    Haridwar, Rishikesh,     Haldwani, Kathgodam,  Ramnagar, Kotdwara,    Lalkuan, Tanakpur

State Animal - Musk Deer

State Bird     -  Monal

State Tree   - Rhododendron

State Flower-  Brahma Kamal

Nature Rivers, Lakes, Tourism, Religious Places   and Wild Life   
Forest Pine, Deodar, Sal, Khair, Sesham, Babul  & Medicinal Plants etc.  Resin  derived  from Pine are the most  important item.
Live Stock Sheep, Dogs, Horses, Bees, Cattle  
Manpower Honest, Hardworking & Intelligent 
Major Occupations

Money Order Dependent Economy

Being Martial Race most people serve in Armed Forces

Government Services & other jobs in cities

Agriculture is mainly dependent upon nature & women folk